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A baitshop in Hayward WI right next to the fishing hall of fame.
I visited this baitshop and was really surprised to see lots and lots of muskie baits...All diferent sizes, colors and prices...
This place to a fisherman (woman) is like a candy store to a kid....
Has been in business since 1921, the oldest at Hayward WI, has large selection of live bait and multitud of fishing tackle...
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Comments on this photo:

May 17 2007 06:05 GMT sini
Nice image!:)
May 18 2007 18:11 GMT dcz
big one fish for the little shopping
May 19 2007 03:20 GMT Lucky222
I added some info to caption for photo...
Don't let my picture fool you...this is a very popular baitshop and it is has a very large selection of fishing tackle. I'm sure they make lots and lots of money...Sign sure could use a little painting, I do like the old times look of it...
A little nolstalgic, since I had just visited the fishing hall of fame earlier on this day...
Thanks for comment....
May 19 2007 03:22 GMT Lucky222
Thanks Sini, I updated some info in the caption for this foto...
May 19 2007 20:44 GMT napa
what a great place !!
May 20 2007 03:41 GMT hbla PRO
the worn look makes it look classic. I'm sure they have no problem with that being next to the fishing hall of fame :)
May 20 2007 03:54 GMT Lucky222
Thanks Heather....
Your comment is absolutely right....
Painting this sign would be like messing things up, somewhat....
unless they match it perfectly I wouldn't cahnge a thing.... maybe even the peeling effect....
May 22 2007 05:49 GMT Londi PRO
Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo..they don't make signs like they used to huh!! smile :+)
May 23 2007 03:14 GMT Lucky222
THanks Londi....& No they don't...
You Know what ?????
I sure do it in B & W...
Just like it used to be.....(:)}}}}}}}}}}}}{{{
Jul 16 2007 01:00 GMT gtc126
Super Shot!!!!