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Tags fishing


Guys gott'mm in Kentucky lake
Nice crappies .....
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 21 2007 04:54 GMT Empty
Nice catch....(punn intended)....They look like 2 kids in a candy store..lol

Don't get to fish for those very often around here...I'm in Salmon - Stealhead -Trout country.....Washington.
Do love that sign.. Baits-N-Bullets...:o))
Mar 21 2007 06:14 GMT Maire
get em, get em! every last one! ;)
Mar 22 2007 01:54 GMT karlbark
I agree with Empty, ...like the store name.
-And that *is* a pretty nice catch.
Hope it was tasty as well :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 22 2007 03:42 GMT Lucky222
Thanks Karl, it is a really cool place if you are into fishing, they have lots and lots of fishing and hunting stuff inside, it is always a good pastime to go in take a look at the merchandise, always looking for a little edge, be it a new lure or a little info from store owner or trying to overhear other customers about their success out on the water.
In this case this guys were very tight lipped, but non the less I got info I was looking for.
This kind of fish is fun to catch, my second best part is enjoying a meal of cooked fish after a good day out on the water, I do however practice a lot of catch and release.....
Not the best fisherman in a crowd but just can't eat all the fish I catch.
Thanks much for comment.
Mar 22 2007 03:49 GMT Lucky222
Hey, you know what they say....
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right???
Well it seems to be the same about fishing with me, I sure would like to fish for some of those trout / salmon, some day, I guess is the idea of adventure traveling to different places meet other people etc....
I live next to one of the Great lakes.... Lake michigan and yeahh we do have salmon and trout but this been native to this lake, to me is not the same.... as this is a put in / take out fishery, plus I'm thinking fish may taste a lot better if it comes out of the ocean???
Any info. comment about that?
Or should I think a little better about what I have at my doorstep?
3 miles to boat launch...
Ps I do get the same look on my face whenever I catch something....
Thanks for comment.
May 11 2009 19:28 GMT chaenomele
Oh, la belle prise !