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Olive Greche Papillo Concert


Olive Greche - Papillo Concert

Drunken people

(questa non mia - rubbbata!)

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Comments on this photo:

Jun 28 2007 14:07 GMT dcz
fue reida la carrera? de donde sacasteis tantos triciclos?
Jun 28 2007 14:37 GMT Rasle
lol... this looks like something my friends and I could do too, a lot of fun and crazy stuff!! Who won this race?? ;-))
Jun 28 2007 15:09 GMT iaia
che bella questa foto!!! un gruppo di idioti che fra tutti non fanno nemmeno un cervello...peccato non ci siano le foto del BELLISSIMO e INTELLIGENTISSIMO scherzo che abbiamo fatto a Giamprisco e Diego.........
Jun 28 2007 15:35 GMT LuPa
Sandra, I don't know, was already drunk at another party LOL
Jun 28 2007 15:37 GMT fredaH
hahhahah oh my..
this is really funny!!!
soo cute!
Jun 29 2007 09:43 GMT Mia87
aww cute capture
Jun 29 2007 10:00 GMT voodoo23
lol...load of fun...
Jul 01 2007 09:10 GMT ewusia
Nice idea :D. Very funny picture!
Jul 04 2007 06:03 GMT sini
Haha...funny picture!:))
Jul 04 2007 08:05 GMT LuPa
IAIA che scherzo avete fatto?
Jul 17 2007 11:00 GMT DannyBoy
Quando ne metti altre di foto?
Jul 17 2007 11:03 GMT suzannesmash
LUUUUPA, ludo..lol, where are yOu? vacation or what?

Im home and free from work...restless, bad weather...and no plans until early august..lol
Jul 17 2007 12:19 GMT LuPa
Dan, appena ne faccio! Cioe', appena ho il tempo di scaricarle...direi ad Agosto :-)
Jul 17 2007 12:24 GMT LuPa
Suzaaaanne! I'm in office right here, soooo busy! But vacation very soon!
Jul 17 2007 12:58 GMT suzannesmash
Whaaat are you dooooooooing at the ooooooffice on a daaaaaaaaaaay
like thiiiiiis......and the sea?? whyyyyyyyyyyy...lol, i only have vacation until the 6th...
Jul 17 2007 13:28 GMT DannyBoy
Agg fatt anch'io no fotofing, t'aggia aggiunto ne frenz. Aggiungi DannyBoy dopo lo slash dopo il com, dopo il punto, dopo il fotothing, dopo l'altro punto, dopo www.
Jul 17 2007 14:22 GMT LuPa
nooowwww!!! Su, join me!
Jul 17 2007 14:28 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha maybe i should do that...im free...
Jul 22 2007 02:16 GMT hbla PRO
this is the funniest thing I've ever seen! heeheehee!
Sep 24 2007 05:58 GMT jessikinha
Sep 25 2007 08:41 GMT DannyBoy
grande, quando inizi a postare qualcosa di nuovo?
Sep 25 2007 08:46 GMT LuPa
si hai ragione! Pigriziaaaaaa
Oct 01 2007 07:48 GMT beus PRO
Great sport photo:))
Oct 01 2007 09:24 GMT suzannesmash
I MISSED THAT YESTERDAY...you was tooo fast...lol

Oct 29 2007 10:26 GMT suzannesmash
LUUUDO, is you bags packed yet?
Nov 19 2007 15:57 GMT DannyBoy
A, 'ando stai?
Nov 20 2007 12:42 GMT Mia87
hope you are ok my firend :) we all miss you

Nov 23 2007 08:39 GMT Mia87
More pics please?:)
Nov 26 2007 18:44 GMT LizSA
lol.... great fun....:-)) yes, enjoy innocent fun...:_)