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more security on the farm.....geese....
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Comments on this photo:

May 12 2007 12:01 GMT Kaska
wonderful picture. I love the little pond...and the lighting is just perfect!
May 12 2007 12:07 GMT hallo
May 12 2007 13:09 GMT jomoud PRO
excellent shot
May 12 2007 13:38 GMT deefer PRO
That's a lot of quakers there, nice capture.
May 12 2007 19:23 GMT bennystr
Excellent shot!
Those are the best guards!
May 12 2007 22:38 GMT Natascia
. . . .And have the best razor sharp beaks - as a child I helped my Gran pluck their down and I came off second best- black and blue - so I wont let that tranquil scene fool me..joking aside the setting and shot thereof is perfection
May 13 2007 09:23 GMT LizSA
Yes.. Benny...and Natascia....they are very good "watchdogs"... they can make a noise.. we once had neighbours with geese....they had no grass left in their yard...but even I had to call her out to come to the gate when I wanted to visit her....:-)))"George and Getrude" was their names....my husband loved them..always fed them at the fence...but they would still bite him if they had the
change.....:: a person can think back sometimes and have wonderful memories of everyday life...I forgot about George and Getrude..until I read your comment....isn't it funny...how a persons mind can roam...!!!
May 13 2007 17:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice light