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my second waterfriday too.... do not waste water....

all these animals are here to share in such a drop of water...

desert Namibia.... Etosha Pan....
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 17 2009 14:52 GMT bennystr
Just fabulous!
Apr 17 2009 14:53 GMT LizSA
Ta Benny.... please note the big bird on this side of the pond... Namibia is
a wildlife paradise...!!
Apr 17 2009 15:05 GMT LadyDaisy
This girafa seems to be enormous! Even if stays in the back, still is so huge! Wow!
Apr 17 2009 15:08 GMT LizSA
thankyou Lady Daisy... you are a very good commenter... I see your name on
most of the friends I comment to....
the little black dots around the Giraff .. it is all Guinea Fowl..... lots and lots of birds... and then... there was Elelphants on the other side as well not in picture..:-)
Apr 17 2009 15:08 GMT senna3
Fabulous entry Liz!
Apr 17 2009 15:22 GMT lizzieb
So very true Liz, luckily at Etoshia they have man made water holes around too so that the animals always have access to water. Unfortunately in other areas of Africa the animals are not so lucky and have to travel hundreds of miles just for a drink!
That is a fantastic capture of the zebras reflection. Best entry ever!!!! (but then I am a huge fan of Namibia lol)
Apr 17 2009 15:30 GMT LizSA
Oh Lizzieb.... wonderful to hear from you again.....

yes.... Namibia has lots and lots of fans....

in Afrikaans we would say.... ""die Namibia gogga het jou gebyt ""
the Namibie insect has bitten you..... :-) in another language it does not really make
head or tails..:-) keep well dear Lizzie...
Apr 17 2009 15:30 GMT iyerhari
a great wildlife pic.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 17 2009 15:35 GMT yvon
mijn mooiste foto van deze reis heb ik hier genomen Een WITTE olifant!!!
Apr 17 2009 15:47 GMT LizSA
Yvon.... en die volgende oggend het daar twee leeus gel en geen ander die in sig..

Ja ... 'n goeie plek om in te ry..... daar is regtig baie diere.....

'n wit olifant.... dit was 'n groot fonds... Afrika se hartklop...:-)
Apr 17 2009 15:47 GMT Poulet PRO
So very true, my dear Liz.
Great entry!
Apr 17 2009 16:11 GMT Pietje
Fantastic entry for this weeks theme ..

Wish you a wonderful weekend Liz..
Apr 17 2009 17:37 GMT hans55 PRO
shows the importance of water !!!
good shot !!
Apr 17 2009 18:12 GMT Lensvision
Not a lot left...
Apr 17 2009 18:27 GMT barr
:-( IM so sad!...
Apr 17 2009 18:29 GMT Tom33
they seem to share politely
Apr 17 2009 20:33 GMT rainbow71
amazing shot, a beautiful country you have.
Apr 17 2009 21:02 GMT rosyapple PRO
Yes, we take water for granted and do not think how precious it is and how life depends upon it. Lovely feature for the theme.
Apr 17 2009 22:47 GMT sini
Wonderful image!:)