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prehistoric America. Indian Dwellings.
more and more holiday climbing. 2004 road trip.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 21 2009 11:56 GMT Papagena
I see you were brave again !! :+()
Nov 21 2009 12:24 GMT LizSA
Ruth ..we do not have much of a choice... my daughter drag us everywhere.. :-) :-)

just joke... I think my days of climbing like this is counted. sadly. I am glad I
did it when I was younger.!!!
Nov 21 2009 12:28 GMT senna3
This photo gives a fantastic impression of your climbing adventure!
Nov 21 2009 12:47 GMT iyerhari
great adventurious Pic.!!!!!!
Nov 21 2009 13:52 GMT gwen83
Wow, i am not so brave:-)))
Nov 21 2009 14:21 GMT martini957
WOW...what a climb
Nov 21 2009 15:31 GMT soldier
Complicated way ... stunning capture my friend!
Nov 21 2009 15:40 GMT Pietje
Wonderful picture Liz.
Nov 21 2009 16:43 GMT annaschnitfink
Very special entry dear Liz.
Yes indeed dear Liz, we go to places we could never have dreamt of when we were young...
Nov 21 2009 17:40 GMT LizSA
Anna, it is almost as if the world is a bit smaller...
oohh .. not really, makes me think of NZ, and where Corina and some of the
other FT members live, impossible to do it all. It is only that our kids open
doors for us as well. :-)
Sometimes I see places on FT I never even thought of. FT also open doors :-)
Oh and books... now I better stop, where does one's mind and imagination leads you to ! Around the world in 80 days. :)
Nov 21 2009 17:44 GMT SaoPaulo
w o w!
an adventure yes! but not for me :-))
Nov 21 2009 17:57 GMT hans55 PRO
i have doubts iff i would do this !! ...but i bet the result was wurth it !!
Nov 21 2009 18:21 GMT LizSA
Hans, I am sure you would do it when you are there, one do things when you
are on holidays, afterwards you have the memories. :-)
Nov 21 2009 18:58 GMT hans55 PRO
and the pictures !!! :-))
Nov 21 2009 23:07 GMT MargNZ
That is one very steep climb ... I do think we push ourselves a little harder when travelling . Interesting series Liz :))
Nov 22 2009 16:38 GMT Bellavista
Wow! Great place! But I could never climb it, that make mi dizzy!
Nov 24 2009 22:03 GMT litz
you are a great adventurer Liz...wasn't easy to climb up there...
Vertigo...vertigine...dizzy...fortunately i don't suffer any of this...
So wonderfuland interesting foto adventure series Liz...
thank you for sharing..!
Nov 25 2009 17:33 GMT jomoud PRO
These cliff dwelings are simply awesome.
It has been of one of my very memorable experiences.
Nov 25 2009 18:54 GMT LizSA
then they did not have the ladders.. John... it was little holes in the rock...:-)

yes... lovely place to visit. :-) one actually need more time on such a tour than
what one plan for. !!!
some places we had to crawl through tunnels. :-)
Nov 28 2009 19:24 GMT marbon