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Michaela with our Guest....
guess who our guest was.... May 2007... England... Preston.....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 06 2007 19:27 GMT hans55 PRO
Stuboy !!!! :-)))))))
Dec 06 2007 19:42 GMT jamby PRO
i hardly recognized him without him having holding a beer on his hands...lol...no offense intended Stu...! :-))
Dec 06 2007 19:49 GMT LizSA
Hans.. Stuboy can send you a beer...:-)) LOL

Jamby... and he only had coffee at our house....but we must uphold his image.. :-))
Dec 06 2007 19:55 GMT suzannesmash
HELLOOO STU, you look great in blue...LOL

looks like you had a great time
Dec 06 2007 20:19 GMT bennystr
Excellent capture of emotions!
Dec 06 2007 23:02 GMT stuboy
I know that man :)

Had to laugh at jamby :)))))
I sometimes put my beer down so I can take a photo.

Yes, we must uphold my reputation & not tell people about the coffee.
Dec 07 2007 00:24 GMT jceca PRO
Dec 07 2007 10:50 GMT LizSA
:-) :-)
it was a new toy(Camera) then... !!
I have the proof ... you held the cup in your hand...coffee cup...:-)
Dec 07 2007 12:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Dec 07 2007 12:10 GMT LizSA
Poulet.....yep the one and only...:))
Dec 07 2007 15:19 GMT abojovna PRO
Ha,ha, so nice meeting!
Dec 08 2007 16:39 GMT gwen83
Great one of Stu:))))
Dec 09 2007 10:30 GMT Kaska
happy faces! good to see it :)
Dec 10 2007 07:56 GMT Elise
hahaha great shot......whos the guy with a cam? :))
Dec 10 2007 07:59 GMT LizSA
Elise, he just got the camera.... it was new... still had problems with that
program to offload on his computer.... :-)) it was great to meet Stuboy..
he travelled quiet far to meet us...., so sweet guy.. (soft) :))
Dec 10 2007 23:08 GMT Bellavista
Lovely girl! Stu as yor guest? Great!:-)
Dec 10 2007 23:21 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I remember stu's visit .... i thought at the time ...how could anyone be so brave to invite someone so unpredictable into there home .. but then i got wise .. i see what others cannot see..all the clues so plain too see.
1. The lack of Beer.
2. The blue top (not black)
3. Smiling ?
4. Laughing at a camera, who would do that ?

Easy..Liz , I would say sorry, but i think in this case..you had a very lucky escape..
Stu stayed at home in a drunken stuper.. lol .. he sent his clone .. only a clone would laugh at a camera ... wouldn't they ?
Dec 10 2007 23:47 GMT stuboy
Hey Gary, don't fool yourself, we had a riot of a time, loads of beer, dirty jokes, smashing windows, vomiting on the carpet, drugs, girls, more beer.

I had a lot more to be happy about back then too.

If only I could turn back time :(
Dec 10 2007 23:55 GMT garynumber1cleaner
You told dirty jokes in front of Liz ! thats outrageous ... have you no shame .?

And Stu....... time works in mysterious ways... I would never want to turn back now, but I once wished I could too..

(if you ever come too me you will make my job easier ... less windows too clean by the time you've left) lol ;-)
Dec 11 2007 00:38 GMT stuboy
It was Liz telling the dirty jokes !
At one point I had to stop her throwing the T.V out of the window, she's a real party animal.

I think everyone would turn back time when things aren't going their way.
& things certainly aren't going my way at the moment.
Dec 11 2007 05:18 GMT LizSA
Gary.. no he did send his clone over.... that I know... because he left Divvy
in Manchester... :-) the jokes... we had good laughs... and MIchaela
thought that red checkerd pants with all the zip's outrageous.... remeber she
kept zipping you up..Stu.. that might sound strange... but that trousers are more zips
than anything else...:-)) and then the rabbit ate his shoes... :-))
that was funny... the rabbit never goes to anyone but it went to him... Stu.. :-))
Stu.. no we do not turn back time... wish we could... but no... never...!!!
Dec 11 2007 14:22 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Sorry to hear that Stu.... you are a goob bloke.... i am sure if you are patient..all will be ok mate
Dec 11 2007 14:23 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Liz ..... I know a rabbit that eats Toilet Rolls ..lol ... and Stu .... I will admit, I would welcome him to my home..broken windows or not ;-)
Dec 11 2007 19:03 GMT rosyapple PRO
The lovely Stuboy!
Dec 12 2007 00:32 GMT stuboy
Still have to beat you at pool one day Gary.
Invite me over & I'll thrash you then smash your windows :)
Dec 13 2007 06:41 GMT dcz
happy michaela,
Dec 15 2007 15:18 GMT LizSA
Oh,, Stu :-))))))
Dec 15 2007 15:29 GMT LizSA
Rosyapple...thankyou...for comments....
this is a great photo of yours...the stone work.... I will still make time to comment..
keep well..:-)
Dec 20 2007 20:32 GMT Peixy
Happy!!! I see....