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Candlefriday...... 21 Sept. 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 21 2007 17:53 GMT backstreets PRO
And a wonderful entry !!!
have a sweet weekend
Sep 21 2007 17:53 GMT rosyapple PRO
Lovely entry - I like the two tier and the wax "waterfall"!
Sep 21 2007 17:53 GMT AlisonBelinda
Lovely entry!
Sep 21 2007 17:58 GMT jomoud PRO
Alove it Liz
Marvelous photo for this week's theme.
Here is to a happy and peaceful weekend.
Sep 21 2007 18:10 GMT sini
Wonderful entry!:)
Sep 21 2007 18:17 GMT hanek
Wax tears of candel .....
Wonderful entry !!!!
Sep 21 2007 18:48 GMT mariazinha32
great image and entry :-))
have a great weekend
Sep 21 2007 18:49 GMT Arik77
Fabulous photo and entry !
Beautifuly presented !
Sep 21 2007 18:59 GMT Elise
Beautiful shot and composition LizSa....great entry! :))
Very romantic.....we have same taste huh??
Sep 21 2007 19:04 GMT corainna
very nice entry! so romantic!
Sep 21 2007 19:06 GMT LizSA
Elise... i feel honourd.... I just do not have the patients....to comment,
and do so much work with the ELIEDA....... and commenting....
'taste' I have...(because I like your style) Patients (geduld)... no, I think that you have much more than I have..sometimes I want to crop a photo... or frame it to present it better....but noo..that is not me... :-)) oh Elise.... I am a chatterbox.....:-)
Sep 21 2007 19:08 GMT LizSA
at a wedding...!!! Corina....:-) Karina... my daughter took this photo... I asked her to...
My camera was forgotten at home.... and Koos and I had a good fight.... because
I blamed him and he said... I must remember the camera because I want to take
photo's for FT.... but I am so used... he always do everything....and I must blame somebody......:-)))
Sep 21 2007 19:09 GMT janos
Wonderful entry !
Sep 21 2007 20:32 GMT Pasifae
Great shot!
Thanks for your nice comments!
Sep 21 2007 20:34 GMT jceca PRO
you've got the entry, with or without your own camera !!! :-))
nice one ........
Sep 21 2007 20:50 GMT sweet899
Great entry!!!! Beauteful picture!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!
Sep 21 2007 21:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
awesome entry Liz!!
Sep 21 2007 22:01 GMT wifey
Gread mood shot… kind of romantic.
Sep 21 2007 22:02 GMT LizSA
Maybe meant to be romantic... wifey.... it was decorations at a wedding..
table centre peace.... it was beautiful......!!
Sep 21 2007 22:05 GMT monica
que velas más bonitas! esféricas! :)))
me encantan!
Sep 21 2007 22:08 GMT wifey
Maybe? … no… most definitely! :D
Sep 21 2007 22:27 GMT fourdeadpresidents
I like this one. Love the wax!!!
Sep 21 2007 22:34 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 21 2007 22:37 GMT dcz
Lovely and funny entry. good.
Sep 21 2007 23:42 GMT Pietje
Wonderful entry dear Liz....

Have a nice weekend.........
Sep 22 2007 01:21 GMT Mafernandes
very nice entry
Sep 22 2007 03:20 GMT fhelsing PRO
such beautiful candlelight!
Sep 22 2007 03:37 GMT iyerhari
Wonderful entry:)
Sep 22 2007 09:21 GMT gwen83
That is a beautiful entry
Have a good weekend................
Sep 22 2007 11:18 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT ENTRY....................
Sep 23 2007 00:09 GMT beus PRO
Lovely entry dear LizSA!!
Sep 23 2007 13:41 GMT megmet PRO
Sorry I missed this one Liz....it's beautiful..!

Thanks for the comments on the wedding series. Please forgive me if I don't answer them all, I've just got so many photos to get through to send to Cristina & Tony when they get back from their honeymoon cruise round the Med.
Sep 23 2007 17:10 GMT LizSA
what a magnificent honeymoon... wow....cruise round the Med./..... how priviledge
our youngsters are now a days.... we used to work very hard and long for a normal
holiday.....:-) I am happy for them Meg...
not a problem for the reply's no... sometimes time is just not enough....FT is
very time consuming.....I am just happy for your guys....take care Meg .. and enjoy the memories while you work on the Photo's.......!!!
Sep 23 2007 18:07 GMT Felixthecat
Seems I am a little late, I hope you had a great weekend ;-)
Sep 23 2007 20:51 GMT xevirbs
Beautiful light !!
Sep 24 2007 06:18 GMT corainna
i know the feeling of blaming:):):) i have it sometimes too:):):):):)
Sep 24 2007 10:05 GMT hans55 PRO
i like this one !!
Sep 24 2007 12:52 GMT litz
great composition and very well framed photo Liz...
love the line of "waxfall"...
Sep 24 2007 15:01 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful shot, Liz! :))
Sep 24 2007 15:56 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful composition.
Sep 24 2007 18:21 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!