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we say ""Petrol "" ":-) ROUTE 66 ... roadtrip 2004
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 23 2009 09:44 GMT senna3
Of course Route 66!
Great choice for the theme!
Oct 23 2009 09:47 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful old cars ... great entry Liz :))
Oct 23 2009 09:52 GMT Papagena
Interesting to learn that stations can also be a museum !! ;+)
Oct 23 2009 09:53 GMT LizSA
I knew you would appreciate this one Senna..... :-) !!!!! I have more... but then again
I cannot post them all.....!!!!
Oct 23 2009 10:28 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL OLD CARS AND ENTRY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Oct 23 2009 11:00 GMT JPHarr
Oct 23 2009 12:41 GMT gwen83
Good entry:-))
Oct 23 2009 14:13 GMT yvonNL
Route 66 We all know....
Oct 23 2009 14:20 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice shot and excellent entry for this week's theme.
We say "gas" :):):)
and I am Canadian:):):):):)
Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
Oct 23 2009 14:29 GMT LizSA
yes..... I know you say gas... just say petrol... and it is a funny word...Jomoud.

another we say Robort for traffic light.... ""robort" in England and they think you crazy.........""what "??? :-)

now I try and use the words Gas and "'Traffic light..."" the South Africans will look you up and down....:-)
Oct 23 2009 14:56 GMT Poulet PRO
We say "Nam - mun" (in Thai) Hahahaaa.... LOL ;P
Well, actually I myself say petrol as well, Liz.
Great shot and entry. I like those old cars.
Have a beautiful weekend. :)
Oct 23 2009 15:28 GMT Pietje
Great entry for this weeks theme...Liz
Oct 23 2009 15:35 GMT Xaragma
Another great entry! I never heard of "robort", but makes sense :)
Oct 23 2009 15:36 GMT hans55 PRO
a great entry Liz !!
Oct 23 2009 15:41 GMT PhotoPro PRO
"Get you "kicks" on Route 66."

Have a great weekend Liz!
Oct 23 2009 15:55 GMT soldier
"BENZINKĂšT" (in Hungary) ... stunning entry my friend.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Oct 23 2009 16:50 GMT Lensvision
We say benzine.
Oct 23 2009 18:22 GMT annieann PRO
jolly good shot x
Oct 23 2009 18:41 GMT LizSA
Lensvision... I remember the word benzine... was used here when I was a child...
I do not know for what they used it .. but it was a "brandstof"
Oh yes... if we speak correct Afrikaans we would say.."" Brand stof.." but being
a country with 11 official langauges we mix a lot of english words in our talk.. that
is why we use Petrol....
when we visited Holland I remember the people that we visited had a ""gas."" tank in the boot of his car...and used alternetive ""gas""!!!..
Oct 23 2009 18:48 GMT abojovna PRO
The surprissing entry with the "Museum" Petrol station!
Oct 23 2009 20:05 GMT Hamin PRO
Oct 23 2009 20:12 GMT litz
is the museum inside this gas station Liz??
interesting entry!
Oct 23 2009 20:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
I love road trips - I see they have som retro cars there!
Oct 23 2009 20:57 GMT Koren
Great entry Liz - would love to drive route 66 one day!
Oct 23 2009 22:17 GMT martini957
Great looking petrol station...cool shot & entry
Oct 23 2009 22:46 GMT megmet PRO
Some very old cars in this shot....a very good entry for this weeks theme!
Oct 24 2009 00:45 GMT bojtorjan
Great entry Liz! ;o)
Oct 24 2009 14:40 GMT Studio88
Nostalgic Entry ;-)
Oct 24 2009 18:12 GMT Lensvision
We don't use the word Brandstof very much anymore. The gas you were talking about is LPG.