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Lourens and his baby brother... Lourens just started grade 4 now in January.
Saw on google... June 2007 ... Was stunned, all forgotten some of the best years on FT... Now FB has consumed us. See you on FB friends, sadly.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 15 2015 18:43 GMT ForestSpirit
Such a cute shot of both of them, and good to see you here - at least occasionally.
I've resisted joining FB so far, as I already waste enough time on this site. If I did that as well, I'd have no time for anything else!
Jan 15 2015 18:45 GMT senna3
Hello Issie, a pleasant surprise to see you again at FT with this endearing image of your grandchildren.
I understand that you will not stay at FT, a pity!
I did try FB a long time ago, but I didn't see that photos were the prime goal of the site. Moreover, it is too chaotic for my ordered mind!
Issie, I wish you and yours all the best in the future and whenever we decide to visit SA, I will let you know!
Jan 15 2015 19:59 GMT MargNZ
So adorable . Nice to see you here Liz :)
Jan 15 2015 20:35 GMT LizSA
ForestSpirit, I went through my pictures to look for a photo of a family dog who recently died. I had to go back to 2009.. What a lot of photo!s we posted, And the FT names and friends... I noticed how many comments we received for funfriday, And I thought as soon as I am done babysitting, I might try FT again. FB is a bit chaotic,, true what Peter mentioned here. Really starting to irritate me as well. I am there for connection with our kids all over in England and in Nashville/TN. Also I am a bit rusted with FT technology. :-). As I paged throug and read the comments from all friends , I realized I remember the FT names but have forgotten real names behind that name. Many are on FB and I am friends there, but not the same... For sure. Take care and all of the best. In May we will be back in US and maybe I will have better Internet coverage. I am IssievanVuuren on FB.
Jan 15 2015 20:57 GMT LizSA
Dankie Peter, I wrote a bit above.. Well more than a bit. I still see your membership on FB and others as well, Many think alike, FB Not for them. Maybe we will all return and gang up here on FT again. I find our Internet very slow on FT. End March we will be off to Preston, and end May to Nashville. We have not been to a game park lately. The baby will be with me and Koos till the end of Januarie, When he will go to a day care, shame. Already we have booked a week at a SPA .. With lovely hot pools, hot water straight out of the mountain. ""WATERBERGE" Limpopo. We do not do the indoor warm baths, To much steam and not good for our hearts :-) getting old now, oh may laugh but our bones remind us :-) .
The same good wishes for you and your wife, your children and grand children. Peter.
Vergeet nie van die familie kat en hond nie. Baie groete en please keep us in mind when you think of visiting. And sooner than later. Yvon as been to SA in our winter season, be warned, It does not snow but very cold. Hans and Wijnie was here in November. Different areas has different weather patters. Freestate is very cold, Yvon was there.. You might see the weather patten on google or SA weather.

Note... When I see a mushroom or wine I think of you, Wonder why :-). Keep well.

Jan 15 2015 21:04 GMT LizSA
MargNZ, thank you, if you read my reply on ForestSpirit, I just came to find a photo, and there I got stuck, Not only on photo's but comments as well. As soon as we have better Internet connection I will do FT.
When Koos watch the RUGBY and Cricket against NZ, I am thinking of you. Keep well and all of the very best for 2015.
Jan 16 2015 17:39 GMT Papagena
A lovely complicity of your grandchildren !!

Nice to see you again Liz !! But I am not on FB so far either for the same reasons as ForestSpirit.......

Jan 17 2015 11:23 GMT wijnie58
Great to see you at FT. What a lovely pictures from your grandchilderen Issie..:-))
Apr 27 2015 17:49 GMT rock
It's very nice to come back sometimes on FT and to find again old friends... I Miss you!