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A statue by Charles Smith & Joan Walsh-Smith called ‘Commemorative Sculpture to the Migrant Children’; it stands on the Fremantle wharf. Two inscriptions are dedicated to the British and Maltese boys and girls; they read:- …dedicated to the British, (the other says Maltese), boys and girls who left they homelands to brave an unknown future in Western Australia
Hardships were endured, benefits were derived
These children migrants provided valuable contributions to Australian society in diverse ways as parents, workers and citizens.
Australia is better for their coming.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 21 2014 09:29 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice statue ... lots of history with it !!
Feb 21 2014 10:47 GMT Papagena
An interesting memory to those brave girls and boys !! I couldn't imagine to be at their place at that time.....
Feb 21 2014 11:51 GMT superJoan
Great entry. yes and lots of these children were ill treated and worked hard....
Feb 21 2014 12:27 GMT janos
Great entry!
Feb 21 2014 12:41 GMT Littleollie
Yes Joan they were, it is something we have heard a lot about since we arrived in WA. My partner Liz has read the books on the subject and told me much of what she has found in researching. 'Oranges and Sunshine' is an excellent documentary on DVD on children that were sent to Australia and the deceit that went on, both in the UK and in Australia.
Feb 21 2014 12:46 GMT abojovna PRO
A very touching statue! Respect!
Feb 21 2014 13:40 GMT aquiles PRO
GREAT TRIBUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...LOVELY ENTRY !!!!!!!!!
Feb 21 2014 19:21 GMT Pam
Human beings have been responsible for some very shameful things over time. It is good that this is there as a mark of respect.
Feb 23 2014 04:42 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry John .... a very touching monument :)