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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2008 05:19 GMT LisaSam67
what a lovely peaceful place!!
Nov 05 2008 05:23 GMT teddybear2
This looks beautiful
Nov 05 2008 06:03 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thanks, LisaSam67. We had coffee that Sunday morning on your cousin's deck.
Nov 09 2008 01:10 GMT kimbob

The bird bath is about the right height for the cat to drink out of without having to jump up like mine do!

This yard just looks so soft and lush!
Nov 09 2008 01:20 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thanks, Kimbob. It was a beautiful morning.
Nov 09 2008 15:08 GMT granitbiscut
A peaceful place . Nice pic mom .
Nov 09 2008 15:30 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thanks. And Good Morning.
Nov 20 2008 16:12 GMT martini957
very lovely
Dec 19 2008 21:25 GMT LisaSam67
Happy anniversary tomorrow mom + dad!!!!

I'm glad I finally met my "one". Maybe by some miracle we'll live long enough to make it to 61yrs too! Haha! It would be easy to do with him ;-)

Love you guys so much!

Leaving in a couple hours to go over the mountain! He's meeting me half way so he can get us safely over. So don't worry. We'll be fine.
Dec 19 2008 21:30 GMT Doody PRO
Happy Anniversary guys ........
Dec 19 2008 21:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Happy Happy Anniversary to the mom of one of my very best friends!!!

61 years is a tremendous achievement. My parents celebrated their 55th earlier this year and Gail and I will celebrate our 30th on Dec 28 2008.
Dec 19 2008 22:09 GMT teddybear2
Congratulations and happy anniversary for your 61 years together. That is one huge WOW.
Hope you have a fantastic day.
Dec 19 2008 22:51 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Drive carefully. The children will have fun.
Dec 19 2008 22:54 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
THANKS, DOODY. We are going to a dinner dance at a hotel in SSF, staying the night. Next morning a board meeting with the British American Club. Then home for a funeral . That's life at our age.
Dec 19 2008 22:56 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
A sence of humor is mandatory.
Dec 19 2008 22:58 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thanks,PhotoPro and teddybear2.
Dec 19 2008 23:17 GMT LisaSam67
They r excited. I got them stuff at walmart today. Gonna take the 3ft lighted tree. Will have Christmas tomorrow night so they have things to do when we r snowed in sun thru tuesday lol

I'll tell them santa had to come early ;-). Will keep my sanity if they have stuff to do

And we won't be rushed with xmas stuff when we get home. Don't know yet if jeff is off after xmas and don't know if we r going to mariposa.

Life in the fast lane I guess hahahahaha
Dec 20 2008 03:26 GMT martini957
Dec 20 2008 03:29 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thanks, martini957
Dec 20 2008 09:12 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Happy Anniversary ...you did very well and its lovely you have been together for so long, you made a wonderful daughter to..but then, you already knew that ... my love to you all x x x x
Dec 20 2008 19:10 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Thank you, garynumber1cleaner. Yes, we already knew. And that's not to forget the her sister and brother. We are thankful
Dec 21 2008 05:01 GMT LisaSam67
Happy anniversary again! Gonna call and see if you are home lol
Dec 21 2008 09:18 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Have not met them here, but yes I am sure of your words... hope you had a lovely day x x x
Jan 10 2009 20:08 GMT LisaSam67
The yosemite chapel: Jeff's dad and step mom got married in it. And the meadow across the street from it... His mom and step dad got married there lol
Jan 30 2009 22:23 GMT clintonfolks