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yes that's Lisa
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 17 2007 22:37 GMT LisaSam67
LOL yes that's me! hahahahahahaha so where is older sister in this pic mom?
did she take it?
Dec 17 2007 22:41 GMT Jaapie PRO
Dec 17 2007 22:55 GMT kimbob
She's the baby!!!

Way back---------
Dec 18 2007 00:31 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Would that be little Lisa???


Cool Hair.
Dec 18 2007 00:52 GMT gtc126
Super Memory...Now we know you are the baby of the Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 01:10 GMT jenylew
Great memory photo!
Lisa, you were so cute!
Dec 18 2007 02:01 GMT Poulet PRO
How cute!!!!!!
Great memory! :))
Dec 18 2007 07:05 GMT senna3
Very nice family photo, excellent entry Lisa!
Dec 18 2007 12:36 GMT LisaSam67
hi senna3.... this is my mom's page.... i loaded this up for her yesterday
i wonder if she knew i even had this picture! :-)))))))))
i'm still jealous over your awesome new kitchen too LOL :P
Dec 18 2007 12:37 GMT LisaSam67
lol Hi cuz! so what do you think......... was big sister taking the pic??
Dec 18 2007 14:07 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
You are so cute Lisa :)
Dec 18 2007 17:45 GMT kimbob
How old is she compared to Kenny? This must have been at night----no pajamas---every body all dressed up-----was is Christmas eve so you could go to Grandma's for Christmas day??
Dec 18 2007 18:38 GMT LisaSam67
Kim...... I think almost 2 in this pic.....
so sis would be almost 19 and her first kid would be on the way
ugh.... I'm not sure now cause all the pics of me and my nephew back then... he's sitting up and i look like i do in this picture.... so i dunno... am I going on 2 or 3? hahaha

but DANG doesn't mom and dad look great for being in their early 40's here! va va voom!!

Dec 18 2007 18:59 GMT kimbob
I know, your mom looks so very young here---so does your dad!
Dec 18 2007 20:45 GMT LisaSam67
ya! they found the fountain of youth in dancing that's for sure!!!!!!!
and YaY Jeff is on his way home right now!!!! Wasn't expecting him till Friday late!
Dec 18 2007 21:05 GMT kimbob
They always say that "keep moving" thing and those two sure did

Is Jeff getting off early for The whole week?
Dec 19 2007 00:07 GMT hans55 PRO
she looks so cute !! .... good one !!
Dec 19 2007 15:30 GMT LisaSam67
ya they have been working 5 hrs doing nothing.... then sit in the hotel the rest of the day..... job site is snowed in.... so he asked his boss if he could just go home and take two sick days and get paid more LOL.... boss said GO HOME
he's packing up to go skiing right now ROFL
Dec 19 2007 23:47 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Dad & I do not know about this picture. Why we were so dressed up or who's house was it. And, yes I log in to see what you are up to. Ha Ha.
Dec 20 2007 15:14 GMT hbla PRO
cutie patootie Lisa!
great photo :)
Dec 28 2007 04:54 GMT kimbob
Caught us!!! Hi Aunt Marian!! Hi Uncle Duane!! Love you guys!!
Dec 28 2007 05:08 GMT granitbiscut
Marry christmas mom and dad, im glad you made it back home safe.
Dec 29 2007 02:30 GMT LisaSam67
hahahaha..... ok.... um I emailed this pic to Syd and she said she thinks it was taken over at someone elses house... she wasn't there.

so maybe the god parents house?

and thanks so much for the christmas present.... got it in the mail today!
Dec 29 2007 02:30 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
Merry Christmas to everyone. I got a letter from your Mom, Jeff. She was happy to have everyone for Christmas. We had to kidnap a couple with a year old little boy just so we would have children around. Guess what? 60 years is DIAMONDS. Hubby gave me a dimeandclip. His oldest daughter put him up to that. Think I'll keep him. I like his humor. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dec 29 2007 02:34 GMT kimbob
Why does this not surprise me??

Dec 29 2007 06:07 GMT LisaSam67
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh diamonds from dad?! oh he's definitely a keeper mom!!!!!!!!! LOL
Jan 05 2008 22:39 GMT baz0106
Jan 07 2008 13:04 GMT Riet
Happy memories.....:))) And a happy New Year to you and your family!
Jan 09 2008 04:01 GMT LisaSam67
hi mom! this gal is in Oakland... might enjoy her pictures.... she's putting up xmas in san francisco pics this week... did you know there's buried ships under the pier 39 areas? she's got a street plaque up... very neat stuff
Feb 03 2008 00:47 GMT martini957
beautiful and so special
May 16 2008 14:38 GMT Riet
Now I know where Lisa got her beauty from....:))))) Great family portrait!