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In week four now

http://www.redding.com. For up to date news

http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisasam67 for some pics from friday's fire chasing pics

Had company and now in almanor again. So no time to post here yet

I'm being told my constant dribble with my friends in the forums is not welcome. And my snapshots of stuff and family are also not wanted here so I guess I'll take a break and make everyone happy!

My net connections are unreliable and frustrating anyways
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 14 2008 19:52 GMT virginiabrill
B-b-b-b-b-but....*tears up*

Well s'long as you keep Texting me! =P
Jul 14 2008 19:55 GMT LisaSam67
Of course hun lol
Just obviously people don't realize that in light of our current situation here its nice to have a place like ft to go and forget the reality of what's outside our door. Jerks
Jul 14 2008 20:31 GMT hans55 PRO
ignore the idiots that dont like your uploads ... many of us do like them ...and your dribbles in the forums too !!!! ...at least i do !!
Jul 14 2008 20:33 GMT u40
Jul 14 2008 20:47 GMT fourdeadpresidents
*dribble... dribble*

They can just go fuck themselves...

Opps... was that out loud??? Or did I just think it???
Jul 14 2008 21:00 GMT virginiabrill
Some people are too caught up in their own world thinking their photography is superior to everyone elses....and when photography is shown in a different light--as in a way to communicate--ya know....kinda like a blog...they feel threatened! =P
Jul 14 2008 21:03 GMT LisaSam67
Maybe they have no friends so don't understand the concept of sharing. I dunno. Whatever
Jul 14 2008 21:05 GMT LisaSam67
Maybe we just build our own photoblog where peeps can speak their minds and we can nuke arseholes accts
Jul 14 2008 21:44 GMT lizzieb
Don't you dare disappear for a while!!! We love having you hear. I love your family photos too!! Who cares about these arseholes!!!! This is not a site for stuck up pratts but for everyone!! Seems there are those who think far too much of themselves!! Tell them to 'f' themselves!!!!!
Jul 15 2008 06:29 GMT nzshutter PRO
I agree with lizzieb!!!!! Dont you dare disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one enjoy wot u upload and really enjoy seeing your family and wot they get up to. I might not comment very often but I still look at your photos. You go girl!! :-)
Jul 15 2008 06:30 GMT PhotoPro PRO
screw 'em - you have to start calling me if you spend ANY less time on here!!!!