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well it got attention!!!!!! kinda rare from what i see as their gallery feature in the newspaper is fairly new!

i'm STOKED at this compliment!!!! cause that bridge is very very overly photographed! WEHAW doing the happy dance!

i also was productive today..... went to the county recorder office in my county and filed my business name and now it's to the paper for the fictitious business name notice!

bought all the 35 frames for the sac show pics and the airport cafe sales

I'm MAKING it happen finally!! thinking about going to the newspaper also after filing my business thingy... and asking how to get on as a freelance news photographer.... that would be fun

i just can't sit at home anymore... it's making me insane! After adopting the kids i had to leave school.... got my 3 aa degrees and was going to go to HSU but the kids needed so much therapy and support it was toooo much so i dropped out (makes me sound like a bad girl haha) so i haven't been able to work or take classes to finish my degree but things seem to be getting better time wise..... all of them in school finally and i have time on my hands and i NEED to do something now.... anywho....... wish me luck! haha
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2008 23:04 GMT sini
Good luck!:)
Jan 31 2008 23:18 GMT LisaSam67
thank you sini!
Jan 31 2008 23:35 GMT gtc126
Congratulations Lisa.....You will have the Big Head now!!!! LOL!!!! I will Pray you canget your degree.
Jan 31 2008 23:50 GMT LisaSam67
HAHAHA yup i'm gonna turn all stuck up and not talk to anyone anymore ever

Feb 01 2008 01:45 GMT aquiles PRO
Feb 01 2008 05:26 GMT Lucky222
Congrats...very fine looking photo indeed...
Feb 01 2008 06:46 GMT Marttaru
I perfectly understand your feelings of getting insane!! I have three kids who have been very sick and allergic when they were little and young. I have experience to run constantly to doctors and therapy and so and so and so...
I wish you so much luck in future!
Feb 01 2008 11:14 GMT maxelkat
Good luck Lisa
Feb 01 2008 13:38 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Congratulations Lisa! I wish you much Luck in the next step of your life. Have fun and enjoy what you do. Glad to hear that things are working out for you. Have a great weekend. XOXOXO :)
Feb 01 2008 14:58 GMT bertel
congratulations and best of luck :o)))
Feb 01 2008 16:20 GMT Petra17
All the luck in the world to you dear Lisa...nice to see that you have put yourself on the long list ...You are a incredible girl ...Good Luck!!
Feb 01 2008 18:58 GMT Lensvision
Go for it Lisa, make it happen!!!!!
Feb 01 2008 23:20 GMT LisaSam67
Marttaru.... sounds like you've been in the same boat! It's worth all the work but it's not easy!
Feb 01 2008 23:22 GMT LisaSam67
Laura... i contacted the person that left the comment and got news of a photographers group up here and so the networking has begun! totalllllly cool!!!!! means a lot less time here tho LOL..... yeah right!... but ya probably :-S I'll figure something out!

oh and guess what i did? blackberry dead again....
it doesn't like soup broth! :( $%&*&^%$#
Feb 01 2008 23:29 GMT palakol
Wow.. Fabulous! .. c",)
Feb 01 2008 23:37 GMT LisaSam67