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My double trouble these days ;-)

Bran & Kenny experienced their first real loss today. A 2nd grader named Thomas is special needs and in a wheelchair. He was in the learning center with him and his name was spoken here at home often. Thomas talked about the boys a lot too I found out today from the school principal.

Thomas had been home sick from school the last couple days and he passed away in his sleep last night :(

Both boys are handling it very well. When I asked Kenny if he was ok he said yes and that Jesus was taking care of him now and that's why he wasn't too sad about it.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 27 2009 02:47 GMT nzshutter PRO
Its so sad when a special friend like that passes away. Im glad that Both of your boys are handling it well. It sounds like you have taught them well. Im so sorry to hear their friend has passed away, but like Kenny says, Jesus has him now and he is in a better place.
Feb 27 2009 02:54 GMT LisaSam67
Thanks :-)
Feb 27 2009 02:56 GMT Poulet PRO
So sorry to hear that their friend passed away but glad to know that both bbys are handling it very well.

Such an adorable entry, hun!
Have a beautiful weekend.
Feb 27 2009 02:57 GMT rainbow71
that is sad, but he will remember his friend always, great entry!
Feb 27 2009 03:11 GMT smiles66
Another rosebub among the roses in the garden of paradise.
Feb 27 2009 03:13 GMT alhoafun
just look at that cheeky grin!
Its nice the boys are remembering their friend without to much sadness, they shouldn't have their friends leave at such a young age...
Feb 27 2009 03:32 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm glad that Thomas had such good friends. Best wishes for his family ...... happy memories are so precious.
Feb 27 2009 03:44 GMT darya4
very nice double....
Feb 27 2009 04:09 GMT jomoud PRO
I am sorry to hear this Lisa.
Children should not have to cope with the loss of young peers and friends:(
But unfortunately that is life.
Kenny needs some special TLC now as well.

Feb 27 2009 04:16 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it's too bad they had to experience it - but at least they have a healthy home life and loving support
Feb 27 2009 04:21 GMT Haw59 PRO
I am so sorry for their loss but it does sound like they are handling it very well and you and Jeff have a lot to do with it.
BTW love this picture and yes double trouble but boo don't look too happy about it.
Feb 27 2009 04:36 GMT LisaSam67
boo is mad

she wants to play with me

riki is on the bed with me constantly now and i don't wanna risk further injury to her since she has an open hole in her side you know :(
Feb 27 2009 05:27 GMT karlbark
That is so sad :-(
Sorry to hear that.

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Feb 27 2009 06:05 GMT clintonfolks
i agree with smiles66 .!
Feb 27 2009 06:39 GMT sini
Sad story...but cute entry!:)
Feb 27 2009 07:13 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad ... also a very sad experiance for the boys !!
a very funny picture !!
Feb 27 2009 09:19 GMT Doody PRO
So sad for any one - let alone a child..

But look at that little monster & Kenster - lol
Feb 27 2009 13:25 GMT marijke06
sad story...
nice entry here!
Feb 27 2009 14:23 GMT annieann PRO
a very sad story . hope the boys are okay lisa xx
Feb 27 2009 15:11 GMT hevychevy PRO
cool hot Lisa little rough on the clothes there LOL :-)
Feb 27 2009 16:00 GMT Kaska
precious double entry
and a sad story. May he rest in peace!
Feb 27 2009 16:07 GMT martini957
GREAT ENTRY...I love the double trouble : )

I can picture Thomas running freely on Heaven Avenues....my heart goes out to his family & friends
Feb 27 2009 17:47 GMT janos
Feb 27 2009 18:44 GMT craftybutterfly
Such a sad thing to go through at that age...all my love to the boys.
Cute shot :)
Feb 27 2009 18:46 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Nice trouble :D
Feb 27 2009 20:16 GMT pauli3522
so sad..
Feb 28 2009 11:05 GMT details
nice funny entry, though. A sad story indeed, specially when it is a child, but children have a very special way of dealing with death, my mother in law passed away last week aswell, and though crying, my eldest ,which is but 6, was the one comforting all of us grown ups!!!