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all done...... they are already counting the days till they can EAT IT

i'm wondering how many little candies will disappear each day!

shall we start a pool on it ;-)

Many thanks to Jeff's mom for sending this home with him for our family to enjoy!!

and don't miss my mom's home cooking pics..... http://www.fotothing.com/lisasam67smum

jeff's leavin' soon... gotta cook dinner and maybe go skiing for a bit... or wrap presents.... see you all in a few hours!

Rupaul Santa Baby
courtesy of JPHarr

Monday 12/17
nina and the kenster are home sick with FLU!
i hope you all have wonderful healthy weeks!!!!!

oh and btw..... the house made it all the way thru the night without one little nibble! Jeff now owes me 50 bucks MUAHAHA

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 16 2007 21:37 GMT suzannesmash
WOOHOOO Lisa, what a piece of ART we have here...lol..
Dec 16 2007 21:42 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
ohhhh,sweets,i am a big,BIG fan of sweets...you make me drooling !
Dec 16 2007 21:43 GMT sini
Sooo nice!:)
Dec 16 2007 21:43 GMT mariazinha32
oh boy, oh boy.........love these sweets
Dec 16 2007 21:52 GMT piskins72
looks cool Lisa!!!
Dec 16 2007 21:52 GMT LisaSam67
thx :-))
Dec 16 2007 22:03 GMT Nina97
cool pic
Dec 16 2007 22:06 GMT pp11364
Dec 16 2007 22:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful result! Such sweet hause!
Dec 16 2007 22:07 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 16 2007 22:17 GMT aprillady
Yummy looking house! Can I have a piece?
Dec 16 2007 22:18 GMT snowbird
mmmm if I didn't have a dentist appointment I would start to cheat and steal a few candies everyday toooooooooo.
Dec 16 2007 22:31 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 16 2007 22:59 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work there Lisa and co. ;-)
Dec 16 2007 22:59 GMT LisaSam67
thx Cooler
Dec 16 2007 23:24 GMT hans55 PRO
great result !! :-)
Dec 16 2007 23:54 GMT ashdad PRO
Many hands made a beautiful and sweet little house!
Dec 17 2007 00:38 GMT ALANSTUART
"And so this is Christmas - For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones - The world is so wrong
And so happy Christmas - For black and for white
For yellow and red ones - Let's stop all the fight

A very merry Christmas - And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one - Without any fear"

(John Lennon's great Christmas song, "Happy Christmas")

Dec 17 2007 02:37 GMT rainbow71
Yummy good luck.
Dec 17 2007 02:38 GMT jceca PRO
wowwwwwwww !!!! big eyes here !!!!!!
piece of art indeed ..............
Dec 17 2007 02:42 GMT LisaSam67
thank you for that AlanStuart!
Dec 17 2007 02:59 GMT Jaapie PRO
I did this every year for 15 years....lots of work, but lots of fun!
Dec 17 2007 03:00 GMT Jaapie PRO
Looks great Lisa!
Dec 17 2007 03:03 GMT LisaSam67
thanks! and ya it was lots of work.... but bless Jeff's heart he did all of the "construction work" hahaha.... and all the herding of the kids.... all i had to do this year was take pictures!!! ;-)))

so the credit really goes to the kids and hubby this year and jeff's mom for getting it for them!

Jeff and I layed down bets on if Kenny would pick candy off of it in the mornings 'cause he's always getting up way earlier than anyone else ;-)
Dec 17 2007 04:16 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Yummm!! Merry Christmas!!
Dec 17 2007 07:30 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
Ohhhhhh that looks delicious!!! Mmmmmm mmm.
Dec 17 2007 07:52 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I'm starting to snack off the back of the house...... :-))
Dec 17 2007 10:45 GMT Carlimauda
What a great and delicious series you made there Lisa......yummmmmmmie....you are really creative
Dec 17 2007 11:29 GMT LisaSam67
um Bill........... there's nuttin' on the back of the house hehe... come around the side there ;-)
Dec 17 2007 12:01 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
WOW It came out so good. I would want to eat it all up if I was there. LOL They all did a great job.
Dec 17 2007 12:30 GMT charlotte
super! we made one some time ago, but this one is very well done!
Dec 17 2007 14:09 GMT Sterretje
beautiful :o)
patience tastes best !
Dec 17 2007 15:13 GMT JPHarr
Dec 17 2007 15:33 GMT jmike
just looking at it makes my blood sugar go up..looks good
Dec 17 2007 15:39 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm not a sweet thooth but I love this fascinating series, hun! :))
Dec 17 2007 15:47 GMT LisaSam67
oh that rocks JP..... forgot all about that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
Dec 17 2007 16:48 GMT Bellavista
Great and sweet team work!! Made it with love! :-))
Dec 17 2007 17:15 GMT hevychevy PRO
enoough with the great food thing i have put on 10 poounds since Thanksgiving all this great food just makes me wana eat :-) LOL
Dec 17 2007 18:15 GMT Lensvision
Beautiful house, good work!!!!
Dec 17 2007 18:49 GMT Petra17
Great looking house well done and good luck
Dec 17 2007 19:11 GMT garynumber1cleaner
LOL .... Yum ;-))))))))))))))))))
Dec 17 2007 19:13 GMT LisaSam67
hi you ;-))
Dec 17 2007 19:14 GMT garynumber1cleaner
hello lisa ;-)
Dec 17 2007 19:16 GMT LisaSam67
giggle! i can't believe this house has had 190 views already! wanna come pick a candy off for yourself?
Dec 17 2007 19:18 GMT garynumber1cleaner
if that is my fav american hard gums ..then yesssssssss please
Dec 17 2007 19:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Dec 17 2007 19:22 GMT virginiabrill

Dec 17 2007 19:29 GMT LisaSam67
there is great variety on there..... and yes hard gums are on there as well as jelly beans and candy canes and some as of yet unidentified sugar objects ( USO's ) hahaha
Dec 17 2007 19:40 GMT MagentaStar
That looks delicious Lisa!! Not good for my figure though..... :-( lol
Dec 17 2007 19:41 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I figured someone would say that ..lol
Dec 17 2007 19:42 GMT LisaSam67
:-)))))))))))))) your figure is fine! LOL
mine could do without all that though :P
Dec 17 2007 19:42 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 17 2007 19:51 GMT luckypenny
My daughter would love that, beautiful, yummy, and lovely clear photo (smiles)
Dec 17 2007 19:58 GMT LisaSam67
thanks :-)
Dec 17 2007 21:06 GMT AlisonBelinda
We made the exact same gingerbread house!! Only it got involved in WW3 so it didn't look this good! lol
Dec 17 2007 21:27 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 17 2007 22:01 GMT will
Wow! Cook dinner and go skiing all in the same breath practically! You sound almost like 'Wonder Woman'...that Jeff's sure a lucky guy! :))
Dec 17 2007 22:03 GMT will
Oh, don't let 'Smokey' get his paws and jaws into those USO's...hmmm...D
Dec 17 2007 22:17 GMT LisaSam67
lol code words dear friend ;-))) lol
and Smokey luckily is not interested in the house..... yet LOL
Dec 18 2007 02:47 GMT will
I think it's like linny says..:))
Dec 18 2007 04:26 GMT kimbob
Gosh what a cool deal---candy everywhere----yummy!! Nice bunch of pics too

Its so festive looking---I want to make one!!
Dec 18 2007 06:54 GMT Lucky222
All I know is that this little house looks Yummmyyy!!!!
Dec 18 2007 12:21 GMT LisaSam67
thx :-)))
Dec 18 2007 19:17 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I hope the kids get well soon.
Dec 18 2007 20:08 GMT LisaSam67
thx.... we are on round two now.... brit just came home sick from school..... three kids down one to go LOL
Dec 18 2007 21:51 GMT PatNolan
Very colourful Lisa
Dec 18 2007 22:41 GMT 32131
What a yummy house! ;)))
Dec 19 2007 01:51 GMT gwen83
Wow so jummmy, can i have some?? Very nice serrie my friend.................
Dec 19 2007 03:32 GMT jomoud PRO
Wonderful series, and
a great end result!!!!!!!!
Dec 19 2007 03:39 GMT LisaSam67sSMOKEY
I am going to get that house if it's the last thing i do!
Dec 19 2007 03:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
♪♫ ♪Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la♪♫ ♪
Dec 19 2007 03:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I'm bored. So I'm singing.
Dec 19 2007 04:33 GMT iyerhari
lovely series:))
Dec 19 2007 04:34 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 19 2007 04:35 GMT wifey
LOL! :) … hugs!
Dec 19 2007 04:39 GMT LisaSam67
you have a safe holiday :-))))) we'll see ya when you get back
Dec 19 2007 05:10 GMT gtc126
Welcome to Lisa's Kids on the Food Network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Series, You were supervising???? Weren't you??????????????
Dec 19 2007 13:35 GMT granitbiscut
We built the house the night befor so it would be good and strong, then turned the kids loose, it was every hand for it self . It was great fun watching them.
Dec 19 2007 15:32 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Glad too see its still intact .. ;-)
Dec 19 2007 15:32 GMT LisaSam67
HAHAHA well it is virtual you know ;-))))))))))))))))
Dec 19 2007 15:36 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Virtually gone ?... lol ha ha ;-)
Dec 19 2007 15:46 GMT josephnoel
Great colours
Dec 19 2007 15:47 GMT LisaSam67
LOL good one!!
Dec 19 2007 16:10 GMT mjpauliene
wow... what a lot of comments haha.. well I think you already know what I think of you photo... It is tasty!! great shot Lisa, and now you have to eat it
Dec 19 2007 16:14 GMT LisaSam67
soon!!!!! LOL Monday.... well no we are leaving on a trip monday that would be BAD!
5 sugared up kids NO... they can eat it Sunday hahahahha

and ya lots of comments..... i'm acting out of form this week...... I uploaded this sunday and haven't uploaded since! I rarely do that!

Kids have been sick and hubby came home early for holidays and it's been soooooooooooo yukky outside that I just haven't taken pics much :(

Dec 19 2007 16:25 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Good Luck
Dec 20 2007 15:11 GMT hbla PRO
mmmm, that's a particularly YUMMY looking gingerbread house! I LOVE gingerbread! is it still there?
Jan 05 2008 22:41 GMT baz0106
Jan 05 2008 23:21 GMT LisaSam67
thank you so much!