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just playin' along ;-)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 12 2009 03:30 GMT hbla PRO

wonder if my grampa's is still around.
I think his was a Kodak as well.

Sep 12 2009 03:30 GMT Londi PRO
Oh my GOSH!!! this is great!!!!
Sep 12 2009 03:31 GMT LisaSam67
here's more views of it


Smokey was laying on the bed and I realized I could see him and snap a picture of him lmao
Sep 12 2009 03:32 GMT LisaSam67
looky at the link i left Heather
Sep 12 2009 03:32 GMT beady
Nice old camera
Sep 12 2009 03:34 GMT Midworlder PRO
This has got to be more fun than Farmville :-)
Sep 12 2009 03:34 GMT LisaSam67
well of course it is lol

it just happens less often around here as it used to :(
Sep 12 2009 03:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
That's because you are too busy sluicing out the piggery or whatever you do on the Farm
Sep 12 2009 03:40 GMT LisaSam67
Jeff harvested plowed and planted for me a couple hours ago. I was down with a horrid headache and I was gonna lose it all hahahahaha. If I'd felt better I'd have gotten a picture of him doing it for proof hahaha.
Sep 12 2009 04:22 GMT Londi PRO
I've probably LOST mine :+) I got on there just to see all the fuss at farmville..

Hope yer head is better now!
Sep 12 2009 04:30 GMT LisaSam67
no yours is still there.... I go weed it and scare crows off it daily to get experience points and coins LMAO It basically looks like you haven't been there in ages lol.... poor Hans didn't remember starting his... now he's two days in and it's looking great!
Sep 12 2009 06:37 GMT Kaska
you guys are so funny with the Farmville :) I won't even start seeing how addictive it is ... one kid playing Runescape whenever he can in the household is enough... :)

and this is so much fun! I wonder how many more people on ft have those cams and all the memories that come with them...
Sep 12 2009 06:51 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hear Hear my friend :-)
Sep 12 2009 11:26 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful memories.! great shot..
Sep 12 2009 12:38 GMT Studio88
Belongs in a Museum - Wondering how much Old Cameras are Worth as Antiques ;-)
Sep 12 2009 13:24 GMT soldier
Sep 12 2009 13:42 GMT jamesrb PRO
Sep 12 2009 16:23 GMT hans55 PRO
another very nice oldie !!
Sep 12 2009 16:55 GMT PhotoPro PRO
omg - suddenly I feel old....:-)
Sep 12 2009 21:51 GMT martini957