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Jenny spotted this little guy out on our walk in the mountains :-)

add friend and play along every Friday :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 11 2008 22:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - this is a macro

one of these disgusting things was eating my daisies the end of the summer - I tossed him out into the pond....:-))
Dec 11 2008 22:04 GMT LizSA
this is really beautiful done Lisa....
Dec 11 2008 22:06 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful macro and entry my friend ;-)))
Dec 11 2008 22:07 GMT LisaSam67
was quite uncomfortable shooting this little guy
he was very shy and it took forever for him to pose for me
any slight movement and he freaked
he did get somewhat used to the shutter noise tho
Jenny was sweet and removed the kids from our area so we could be alone LMAO!!!!!
anywho.... there I was on the ground getting wet... cold... waiting for the blasted thing to show his little thingys haha
Dec 11 2008 22:12 GMT Doody PRO
OMG you are getting worse - looking at his little thingies & playing with a your-pod - what ever next !!
Dec 11 2008 22:12 GMT jamby PRO
oh my favorite color lime...gorgeous dof and lights!
Dec 11 2008 22:25 GMT Alhadi
Nice Shot
Dec 11 2008 22:48 GMT jomoud PRO
What we won't do for a shot:)
Terrific macro Lisa
and great entry.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend.
Dec 11 2008 23:15 GMT jceca PRO
stunning photo !!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 11 2008 23:21 GMT losp
Beautiful, slowing, majestic sailing on greens ..
Great capture of such wonderful moment in
time & in place (6666 in your FT ref number) !!!
Dec 11 2008 23:28 GMT SaoPaulo
w o w !!!!!!
Dec 11 2008 23:38 GMT LisaSam67
i hadn't noticed!!!!
Dec 11 2008 23:43 GMT hans55 PRO
a good one !!!
Dec 11 2008 23:57 GMT Haw59 PRO
I don't know what I am more surprised at the macro shot or the 6666. Congratulations on both.
Dec 12 2008 00:00 GMT LisaSam67
and my 6660 one was the one of Jenny peeing on the side of the road ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
Dec 12 2008 00:13 GMT martini957
Dec 12 2008 00:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Agree with Martini, AWESOME MACRO, hun!!

Have a great weekend to you all..............and DON'T forget to watch the sky tonite!! It's the Year's Biggest Full Moon Friday Night! (Dec 12th, 2008).
Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ;D
Dec 12 2008 00:58 GMT smiles66
What a great job Lisa, they are creepy those shelless snails but you did wonders with this photo.
Dec 12 2008 02:46 GMT jul
Dec 12 2008 02:58 GMT alhoafun
your patience was worth it - you've got a wonderful image there -even if s/he is a slimey little slug!
Dec 12 2008 02:59 GMT verarenm
Gorgeous macro!
Dec 12 2008 04:22 GMT ashdad PRO
Wow! Impressive macro.
Dec 12 2008 04:53 GMT Empty
Excellent details Lisa......great macro!!!!!!!!
Stunning model too ;-)
Dec 12 2008 05:01 GMT teddybear2
awesome entry
Dec 12 2008 06:08 GMT sini
Wonderful macro entry!:)
Dec 12 2008 06:56 GMT peterpinhole
Great find and superb entry!
Dec 12 2008 09:40 GMT kutlu01
effectively macro
Dec 12 2008 12:08 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
I shuddered when I saw it as it is such a great macro and I hate things that are slime like!!
Dec 12 2008 12:38 GMT karlbark
Excellent (if a little slimy) entry ;-D
Hehe, just kidding, itīs an excellent shot, and a great addition to this weekīs theme!

Funfriday regards :-)
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 12 2008 16:02 GMT iyerhari
lovely find for the theme!!!!!!!!
Dec 12 2008 16:40 GMT nimbus
great work my dear:)
Dec 12 2008 18:16 GMT Kaska
great picture!
Dec 12 2008 18:17 GMT ManiacMom PRO
great shot, lisa! I hate these little buggers and like to pour salt on them to watch them explode. LOL
Dec 12 2008 18:19 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 12 2008 23:42 GMT dougrun PRO
Wonderful macro, Lisa! Your patience paid off big time :-)))
Dec 13 2008 05:44 GMT BootJackJenny
Awe...you put our new buddy up. And look, he's smilin for ya finally.
Dec 13 2008 06:14 GMT gtc126
Dec 13 2008 14:38 GMT abojovna PRO
Amazing entry!