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I've lost friend number two.... in two days... jeesh

Just heard that Hobart Brown passed on last night...

i took this pic at the 2004 races.... that was a special day as I got to drive him to the parts of the race that his limo couldn't.... I have 4 wheel drive hehe! We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got to see parts of this race that he hadn't seen in years due to his failing health.... I saw him this year when I went back to Humboldt county for the race... the kids got to see him too... so for that i'm thankful... he has been ill for quite some time so i'm glad he is no longer in pain.

He was a fantastic artist...... here's some links for anyone interested... and click the link to view album to see kinetic pics i've loaded over time..... i will probably now finally process the shots from the 2007 race.... as many of you know i didn't do that this year because the weekend of the race was the weekend that my life went wicked weird and i had to leave woodland in a rush BUT met Jeff in the process and WOW now i'm married to him WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... so it's all good...... everything is as it is supposed to be!

Ellin I see has already set up his memorial on her site.... Ellin is the new owner of the race and my dear friend that got me back into photography.... She told me of his passing today. It's a LOT her doing that I picked my camera back up after almost 20 years and so in a way it's her doing that i'm here ;-) .... in a round about sorta way... i love how the world spins and brings people in and out of our lives for reasons big and small..........

Article on him

one day i'll fly away

Fly away Hobart.... you can live pain free now my beautiful friend... you will be missed but your race WILL go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellin will see to that!

bye sweety..... till we meet again and you can steal kisses once more ;-)

Kinetic Sculpture Race's motto:

"Adults having fun so children want to get older"
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 08 2007 01:31 GMT Bowser
Very sorry to hear the sad news! Wishing you lots of happy memories.....
Nov 08 2007 01:31 GMT LisaSam67
thank you Bowser.....
Nov 08 2007 01:58 GMT peterpinhole
Lovely tribute....Hope Elline carries on with the race he bagan.Love the motto...be at peace Hobart.
Nov 08 2007 01:59 GMT LisaSam67
she will... she loves the race about as deeply as he did!
Nov 08 2007 02:05 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Sorry to hear that Lisa...glad he will live on thru those who loved him and his race...:-)))
Nov 08 2007 02:06 GMT LisaSam67
ya me too!
Nov 08 2007 02:49 GMT Studio88
So Sorry Lisa, your Photo is a Beautiful Tribute!!!
Nov 08 2007 02:49 GMT granitbiscut
I miss you too sweety. You are so funny on my pics.
Nov 08 2007 02:50 GMT LisaSam67
thx Studio88...... it's ok tho... he has had a couple of pretty rough years now... glad for him to have it over finally
Nov 08 2007 02:51 GMT LisaSam67
:-))))))))))))))) who me sweety????????
i just love ya and love seeing what you put up ;-)
can't wait until you got the d50 in your hands hehe
Nov 08 2007 09:39 GMT hans55 PRO
again sorry to hear this ... he seems like a great character to me !!
Nov 08 2007 15:37 GMT LisaSam67
oh he was Hans! i'm happy for him..... the death of my friend Clay was harder to swallow you know.... he was so young.... my age.... that's scary
Nov 08 2007 18:59 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
So Sorry to hear about your losses... You are in my prayers hun... :(
Nov 09 2007 22:35 GMT roncarlin PRO
Lisa, I am sure glad you are my friend. You wear your individuality on the out side. You are full of life and compassion of others. Do not ever change!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 23:01 GMT LisaSam67
thank you Ron.... :-))))))