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my old music room at the fortuna house
:( boy this pic makes me miss the way it used to be
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 02 2008 18:37 GMT ManiacMom PRO
What a cute room. Reminds me a little of my sister in laws place. Really nice memory and entry. You could use it for both! :)
Oct 02 2008 18:44 GMT martini957
wow what a charming room....love it!!!!!!
Oct 02 2008 19:40 GMT LisaSam67sMUM
I remember that room. Loved it.
Oct 03 2008 02:08 GMT granitbiscut
It looks clean.lol
Oct 03 2008 02:09 GMT LisaSam67
ya it used to be beautiful
Oct 03 2008 02:21 GMT granitbiscut
it still is a beautiful old house
Oct 03 2008 02:24 GMT iyerhari
great entry and a memorable one!
Oct 03 2008 04:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
you and me too!!!

the instruments, the lack of clutter and the fricken room to put them in!!!!

We had a 1892 upright until we moved and Mom gave Gail her spinet piano that was also about the same age. Sold the upright to a guy that completely rebuilds them (for a bundle;-))
Oct 03 2008 04:45 GMT LisaSam67
ya it's in storage right now grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Oct 03 2008 17:13 GMT PhotoPro PRO
that sucks - Gail's piano is in storage for 4 years now - since we downsized for the 2nd time since moving here in 2000 - the current apartment is so fricken tiny there is NO room for it (or the roll top desk I hand built for Gail)