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little SH$T stole my Egret feather!!!! LMAO
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 28 2008 05:34 GMT Haw59 PRO
Racoons steal everything but never would have thought of a feather.
Oct 28 2008 05:48 GMT BootJackJenny
Howdy......I was talking with my mom today about T-Day....I'm making her come early so she can help me with all the pre-baking. You'll get to meet my son as well. He found out that he's going to have the whole holiday off so he can come home...tell uncle Jeff....I'm sure he'll be excited.
I get to meet the girlfriend for the first time too "whew !"...she seems really nice though so I expect it to go really well.
Oct 28 2008 05:49 GMT BootJackJenny
Oh...I love the picture....I feed mine here, but don't tell Dennis...he'll have a fit.
Oct 28 2008 06:01 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO! I won't tell ;-)

I guess I've been feeding these guys too.... leaving a bit extra in the bowl so I can take pictures LMAO

Jeff's ma & pa are picking Jake up after school on Tuesday.... Uncle Jeff usually takes that whole week off but now he's talking about maybe taking only wednesday/thursday off? or tues/wed/thur

I dunno..... I might just head over there on my dang own LMAO.... we'd have to leave Fri or Sat so he can get Jake back home so I dunno.... seems like tooooo little time to me.... maybe I should do the wife thing and just tell him what he's doing! hahahaha

oh and which son is yours... is this Kenny the bike rider? I'm thinking about bringing our toys in my cargo trailer if the weather is going to be good.... might be too much to try and squeeze in time wise though

Oct 28 2008 06:22 GMT sini
Great catch!:)
Oct 28 2008 06:56 GMT lynnj04
So cute they remind me of our fox's :-))
Oct 28 2008 07:07 GMT PhotoPro PRO
105mm (70mm)??

he's not too bright either...:-))
Oct 28 2008 07:09 GMT LisaSam67
yup the 17-70mm sigma lens

with the big flash on it and the gary fong diffuser hahahahaha

it's one of the babies I think

the momma stood full up on her back legs... i was worried she was gonna rush me and try and get in the bedroom! I believe I would have woke up the whole lake with my screams had that happened haha
Oct 28 2008 16:48 GMT PhotoPro PRO
how crisp are your shots with that lens? I think my kit lens is going bad (it could be my sensor/auto-focus is wearing out because of the number of shots..... although my sigma macro is pretty sharp).

I'm thinking about an VR/IS/OSM (stabilized lens) - would love the Nikon 55-200mm VR (price and sharpness are sweet!) but it leaves a gap needing a wider lens and I don't want to spend as much as that added to the 17-55 VR Nikon........
Oct 28 2008 16:52 GMT LisaSam67
the greater majority of my shots are with that lens
remember the water drop on the egret feather?

all my macros actually are with that sigma

OH.... ask prdigy001 Louis about this Sigma I think it is.... has macro and length

was under 200 bucks too.... sounded sweet as hell!
Oct 28 2008 16:53 GMT LisaSam67
Oct 28 2008 18:08 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it looks pretty good - any with more distinct contrast and/or color

oh, I bet it's not VR or equivalent tho - I think the Sigma 18/17-200/250 is VR and is supposed to be pretty good but it's about 2x the price....gr.....
Oct 29 2008 07:02 GMT BootJackJenny
I think you should come over whenever you feel like it. If he wants to wait until wed or thurs...that's fine, but you know how to drive and there's a warm bed waiting for you when you get here.
My son is Cody...not Kenny...but the two of them together are pretty nuts. They both take crazy chances just like boys do.
Cody is a surfer, skater, snowboarder, kayaker, quad skiier.....don't ask!

He likes all the extreme sports...he rode a two stroke yamaha 80 with enough power to throw me off like it was 10 clydesdales.
He jumped it, slid it, skid it, endowed it, hiked it, you name it....just scare mom to death and laugh about it stunts.
He lives down in Napa ...or ....near Napa. He's one of those kids that everyone likes...literally. You'll like him.