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This is Cessy.... Excessorized. Great Great GrandDaughter to Secretariat! She is only 5! And her owners were starving her! bastards!!!!!!

Contra Costa County chose SafeHaven as her new home and we are happy to have her!! We hope beyond hope that she will fully recover. She is eating like a champ the last few days and will look like Lovey in a Jiff!!! (Lovey is in the 2nd picture over jumping with Holly - she was in bad shape like this too and now look at her!)

Read Cessy's story in full on our blog:http://safehavenhorse.blogspot.com/2010/02/excessorizedarrives.html

Cessy raced at Golden Gate several times.... but no more.... Just love and care now!!!

More reading on Cessy here: http://forums.prospero.com/alexbrown/messages?msg=45428.1 her pedigree is there too... kinda interesting stufff
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 11 2010 16:12 GMT hans55 PRO
poor horse is very lucky now !!
Feb 11 2010 16:19 GMT LizSA
thank you for people that are there to care..... people that do rescue work..
I salute them... animal rescue people must be very brave....!!!!

I do not like to see this kind of thing... we had one on a dog, our friend rescued it..
and now with caring owners... it is such a beauti...
did you know, a one year old dog is like a 15 year old teenager, still very unsure of

but back to the horse... thanks for caring.

Feb 11 2010 16:45 GMT LisaSam67
thanks LizSA.... I can't wait to post the AFTER pictures! She's got such a sweet personality! Talks to ya and follows you around! I'm so thankful she was saved from those horrible owners! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Feb 11 2010 16:50 GMT Rabbitwmn
Can't believe someone would do this to such a beautiful animal.

Not only is Secretariat in her background, but Northern Dancer is as well (Canadian horse - he won the 1964 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes and was considered the greatest sire in the past 3 centuries).

Thank god there are places like SafeHaven to help!
Feb 11 2010 16:54 GMT martini957
Such cruel & wicked people in this ole world....I've read in the bible about how God destroyed the earth by flood and only Noah, his wife, their three sons & their wives and a pair of every living creature were saved...if God is looking down today on this old world...how does He stand seeing all the evil via His creations....what keeps Him from destroying evil forever? I simply don't understand WHY so many human beings are wicked....what type of joy do they get out of being cruel to another fellow human being or any animal? The other day as I drove down the road I saw a dog on the shoulder of the road...I quickly said, "Oh God please don't let that dog run out in the road" and sure enough the dog saw my car and ran back up on the bank & I was most pleased until I saw a bigger dog standing there and it instantly starting fighting the other dog....I couldn't help but ask God WHY....Why must your creations fight and be so cruel....what is the purpose of life here on earth? The bible tells us to come out from amongst them and be a seperate people....which to me means that we can't help from being in the world, but we must take a stand...even if we stand alone and refuse to dance unto the merry tunes of evilness. Vengence is mine saith the Lord....but oh how difficult it is to kill the inner emotion that so longs to help God out in that dept huh?
Feb 11 2010 17:00 GMT LisaSam67
Yes thank god! and on that note I'm gonna go help feed and clean out her stall for her! poor dear
Feb 11 2010 17:01 GMT LisaSam67
I don't know Nancy..... we just gotta keep going on and do the best we can and hope that those idiots will hear our bells around our necks and step in line ;-)
Feb 11 2010 17:31 GMT martini957
LOL...I love that Lisa....sweet, simple & directly to the point : ))
Keep our bells a ringing : ))
Feb 11 2010 17:42 GMT LisaSam67
Sure fits don't it ;)
Feb 11 2010 19:50 GMT LizSA
Oh Martini,,,,, I understand... and you put into words down there that I can just
relate toooooo..... WHY.... how can "people: suppose to have a brain..."" be sooo
cruel to animals..... is it ignorance...!!!
and the question to GOD,, I did that prayer the other day, but then my friend
always say """GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS """ !!! she is a friend in a million... but then I would ask again.... and again....:(
Feb 11 2010 21:26 GMT bazer PRO
Safe Now But sadly you cant save them all ....Hope it all goes well ;-]
Feb 11 2010 21:32 GMT clintonfolks
poor thing.!!
Feb 11 2010 22:09 GMT Dimf
How cruel !! i am glad now that she has a good home.
My daughter has two horses.
Earlier i loved riding on horseback. They are so proud and beautiful.
Feb 12 2010 08:54 GMT tallgrasser
These are not pretty pictures.... However, they illustrate the point, largely lost on us happy snappers, that good photography is about revealing stories to the world that are not necessarily beautiful. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Kudos to brave LisaSam
Feb 12 2010 19:06 GMT Lensvision
Some people......
She sure is in good hands now.
Feb 13 2010 02:56 GMT LisaSam67
She is such a sweet soul!!!! My husband and I went down and walked our horses for a bit as we board them there. Then we cleaned out her stall for her and gave her some love. She is going to be just fine now!
Feb 17 2010 03:14 GMT smiles66
What a wonderful post from the heart.