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Comments on this photo:

Nov 01 2008 18:13 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Tough day ahead for you all!
Nov 01 2008 18:21 GMT hbla PRO
ahhh how fine to be able to catch these precious moments on film.....er or memory chip lol.

(lmaoo'ing at the PTHS heehee)
Nov 01 2008 18:25 GMT yvon
is it over now??? here is no halloween
Nov 01 2008 18:31 GMT hans55 PRO
ohhh poor little kenny !! :-))
Nov 01 2008 18:35 GMT Haw59 PRO
The downward spiral until he realizes Christmas is around the corner. I don't know if he is a Thanksgiving fan. But of course it is food, so it must be a Kenny Holiday too.
Nov 01 2008 18:36 GMT Lensvision
Nov 01 2008 18:38 GMT megmet PRO
Looks like you're in for a hard day Lisa, I used to find a stiff drink helped!
For you ....not Kenny. :-))
Nov 01 2008 18:41 GMT martini957
awwww bless his little heart...who dared to make him sad lol
Nov 01 2008 18:43 GMT garynumber1cleaner
awwww no :(
Nov 01 2008 18:46 GMT Doody PRO
Candy under load - lol
Nov 01 2008 18:49 GMT LisaSam67
He was in time out for being mean to his brother lol!

And candy underload hahaha

And it is storming outside so stuck together we r!
Nov 01 2008 18:49 GMT Empty
Oh My....Soooooooooooooooo much sugar,...Sooooooooo little time.. :-))

"Gimme back my candy sack"
Nov 01 2008 20:09 GMT corainna
dont cray! Tomorrow is another day...he is so sweet!!
Nov 02 2008 00:28 GMT lizzieb
Thank god my days of brawling kids is over - well untill my 34 yr old son comes over to visit!!!!!
Nov 02 2008 22:24 GMT UnbalancedForces
Children: never scared to show their true emotion, raw emotion.