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losing my mind or lost it and found mymind now wondering whereit went without me


I am SOOOOOOOOO confused......... I'm going thru my old external hard drive and I just found a folder of stuff that I don't recognize for anything!!!!!!!!!!

were things that bad in 2006 that I have holes in my memory this big????

there are literally over 100 pictures from this shoot.... some blurry and not quite right.... and some really beautiful.... and yet I have no idea who these people are!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG and I don't recall taking them.... ummmmm
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2008 18:47 GMT marijke06
hope you are okay:)))))
things get better sometimes.:)
Nov 05 2008 18:51 GMT Doody PRO
Thats a shame Lisa, wouldnt have minded the number for the young lady holding the reflector - lol
Nov 05 2008 19:00 GMT LisaSam67
LOL well it's odd as heck 'cause that looks like Humboldt County!
There's just NO way I could have taken these!
and it's a CANON 20D

Now my bf at the time had a sister that was a pro wedding photographer... who shot with that exact camera make and model..... she wouldn't have ever let me touch it though!

And it's not like they were close..... the bf and his sister..... she wouldn't have used my computers either... she hardly spent more than 30 minutes at my house the whole two years he lived there
Nov 05 2008 19:03 GMT LisaSam67
well I'm happy to say I am totally ok now...... no memory issues pretty much... just the normal 40 yr old stuff

back then though.... lots of memory holes after the accident....

WAIT........... the exif says Dec. 01 2006

there's no way these are mine... I was in the midst of moving to Woodland and the bf was an ex at that point

so where in the world did this photo shoot come from? LMAO

is it possible an external drive would come with something on it already?
Nov 05 2008 19:05 GMT Dorado
Wonderful work!
Nov 05 2008 19:05 GMT LisaSam67
ok Doody...... i just looked at full size again... and that IS his sister Carol

so who is using her camera and why are these files on my external?

It'll come to me... i know it will.............
Nov 05 2008 19:05 GMT LisaSam67
i wish.... not mine ;-)
Nov 05 2008 19:10 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like a very proffesional fotoshoot to me !!
i hope you find out who did this !! :-)
Nov 05 2008 19:14 GMT LisaSam67
well i've singled out the ex bf's sister as holding the light reflector
i'm not sure why someone else is using her canon

I think the ex bf was still living there at the house even though I was gone.... it was mid december i think when i had him thrown out. It's possible he put these on my computer that he was using

I have his mom's email..... i will send her a message and ask if Carol is missing these.... two years is quite a long time but better late than never I suppose
Nov 05 2008 19:49 GMT martini957
very interesting find
Nov 05 2008 20:13 GMT corainna
this photos are so nice!
Nov 05 2008 21:37 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Glad to read that you have it solved and that it is not a huge memory lapse :-)))