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My desktop and my laptop are both in the computer repair shop having CPR performed vigorously!!!

My iPhone will not upload to fotothing. I can however click the reply button on the iPhone and it works!!! YAY for that!

I have recently become very active in framing and hanging my work for sale which has me incredibly busy. Haven't taken a real picture in weeks! I hope the dust settles enough for free time for me and my camera lol.

Actually prdigy001 and amberxox have invited us to shoot Castle Crags and do portait practice work on the kids and eachother tomorrow so I guess I'll dust off the real camera for that.

These are the main reasons I am not bothering over here. I won't pay for pro again but I'll not leave my friends completely. I'll upload once in a blue moon over here and visit others pics here BUT...........

Flickr will be my primary posting home. That's where I do most of my networking and the iPhone uploads to it thru email for ease of sharing. So if you are missing me that's where I am 95% of the time.


find your other FT friends on Flickr too: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fotothing/
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2009 15:24 GMT iyerhari
great infm:)
Mar 28 2009 15:52 GMT PhotoPro PRO

both computers at the same time - grrrrrrrr

I can't find the time as it is now and you are abandoning us - so i have to spend more time @ flickr? HELP - I need 37.23 hour days to do this :-))
Mar 28 2009 16:07 GMT martini957
Sounds like you are very busy Lisa.... I am happy & proud of you with your business...it sounds awesome...I've no doubt whatsoever that whatever you set your mind to do...you will do it mighty fine...congratulations....I must check flickr out....you know how old folks hate change...took a lot from you and Wolf before I understood FT : ))
Mar 28 2009 16:19 GMT Minz PRO
Great shot !
Mar 28 2009 16:22 GMT clintonfolks
hello little boo.!!!
Mar 28 2009 16:33 GMT LisaSam67
omg I forgot i gotta get on twitter and fix something LMAO

kenny bumped my hand as I went to click on accept on the iPhone and I hit block instead and couldn't stop the page from loading LMAO

So currently you are totally blocked on my twitter HAAAAHAHAHA

You know on Twitter you can accept tweets as text messages on your phone so we can text eachother.... also there's twitpics for photo sharing if you can email photos from your phone.
Mar 28 2009 16:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I'll help you too - it's pretty straight forward :-)
Mar 28 2009 16:45 GMT LisaSam67
i think you have to RE add me on Tweetie hun
Mar 28 2009 17:17 GMT Lensvision
Swwet Boo shot.
Well I'll see you on Flickr then.
Mar 28 2009 17:21 GMT soldier
Ohhh ... what eyes... LOVELY foto my friend!!!
Mar 28 2009 17:22 GMT Empty
Hello there Boo......(scritches a bit behind the ears)....now go back to your nap.. :-))
Mar 28 2009 19:33 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice portrait of Bo !! ... Binkie says hello too !! :-))
Mar 28 2009 19:49 GMT ashdad PRO
He is growing! Cute photo.
Mar 28 2009 22:16 GMT ManiacMom PRO
that's too bad about the computers. hope they come back to you soon.

Cute one of the dog. All snuggled up. :)

I'm going to try and get over to see your pictures. I've been really busy with things here and now I have managed to just crash. Not sure if I have been doing too much or I'm sick. :((
Mar 28 2009 23:19 GMT beady
cute capture
Mar 31 2009 22:22 GMT Marisabelle
I love dogs, great picture...
Apr 13 2009 21:07 GMT SmellyBelle
Its lovely Boo