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My first and NOT my last Grape stomp!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2009 19:50 GMT Bellavista
Aww.... Lisa! This is sure a lot of fun! :-)
Sep 28 2009 19:56 GMT Carlimauda
this is great!!!!....CHEERS Lisa
Sep 28 2009 19:59 GMT LisaSam67
oh yes lol
Sep 28 2009 20:13 GMT Empty
You look as tho your having wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fun girl......keep it goin' !!!!! :-))
Sep 28 2009 20:58 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot here Lisa ;-)))
Sep 28 2009 21:28 GMT clintonfolks
wow.!! wonderful photo.!!!
Sep 28 2009 22:00 GMT hans55 PRO
sure looks like great fun !!! :-))
Sep 29 2009 00:46 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Looks like fun......we need a picture of your feet! :-)
Sep 29 2009 00:52 GMT LisaSam67
coming right up lol
Sep 29 2009 02:13 GMT hbla PRO
she's wasted!

she's on her lips!

seriously I love this pic, you look great :)
Sep 29 2009 03:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
Sep 29 2009 04:01 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO! I tasted two types... no three.... two earlier in the day... then the three... had some foot cab too.

all together it was less than half a glass over 5 hours hahahahahaha

the bottle was a prop HEHEHEHEHEHE

Sep 29 2009 04:02 GMT LisaSam67
It was Bliss! I had SO much fun doing this! It was on my bucket list! And I did it!!!!!
A flickr friend invited us down for it! The winery is owned by family friends of his. They adopted us right in! The kids went swimming in their pool and we stomped and wow it was just so amazingly fun!
Sep 29 2009 21:10 GMT teddybear2
This looks like a lot of fun. I must try this one day at our local winery's
Sep 30 2009 00:26 GMT LisaSam67
you really must! it was so fun
Oct 02 2009 23:40 GMT beady
Yeap, an old tradition way....
Oct 03 2009 16:20 GMT martini957
Oct 14 2009 04:42 GMT virginiabrill
That looks AWESOME!
Oct 19 2009 20:55 GMT gwen83
He beautifull lady, you looking good:-)))
Oct 19 2009 20:57 GMT LisaSam67
hi you!!!! how's life?
Oct 19 2009 20:59 GMT gwen83
I am good, how are you doing??:-))
Oct 19 2009 21:08 GMT LisaSam67
Busy with life and family and fun!!!!
Oct 19 2009 22:35 GMT gwen83
Me to, 2 little baby's, hahahaha. A cat(10 months old and a dog almost3 months old):-)))
Oct 19 2009 23:19 GMT LisaSam67
oh boy that'll keep you so busy