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Comments on this photo:

Jun 09 2008 22:02 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Lisa,you'll figure it out. :)
Jun 09 2008 23:21 GMT virginiabrill
Oh...and then there is is wonderful place....

Make a pro/con list....sit down and write down EVERYTHING you can think of...then choose the one that wins with more pros....

For the final count, 2 cons takes away 1 pro.
Jun 09 2008 23:43 GMT Lucky222
Why not.....you could almost land a fish from this balcony...
Jun 09 2008 23:48 GMT piskins72
a fantastic view to have lisa!!
Jun 10 2008 01:09 GMT martini957
it is an awesome view Lisa...but a view can't compare with SPACE...well actually it can, but that doesn't help you any does it : ((
Jun 10 2008 01:23 GMT LisaSam67
lol nope

just found out we can sell the other place for exactly what we need for sale price and realtor fees and all that junk for that house

is that a sign? LMAO
Jun 10 2008 01:25 GMT LisaSam67
now the cunundrum IS................... since i wouldn't have to pay capital gains....

do i sell that place and pay off ALL my bills including the house loan to dad and then buy something outright that costs about 250grand

ugh.......... we'd be debt free and own our home outright.... but it wouldn't look like that one LOL

Jun 10 2008 03:52 GMT Midworlder PRO
Grand view
Jun 10 2008 04:27 GMT PhotoPro PRO
only if income isn't enough to benefit from the interest deductions. Depending on the interest % - chances are you can invest the difference at a higher rate of return and put that in a Roth - compounding the return

but only if the sq footage is much, much more - otherwise - I want to continue to see lake photos - forever!! :-))
Jun 10 2008 05:37 GMT Marttaru
Fantastic view!!!
Jun 10 2008 10:01 GMT hans55 PRO
wish i had a view like this !!!