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606 views 2 people's favourite photo

here's that shot from last week lol

way cool live scanner from the firefighters up here
thanks for this ManiacMom

Randomsnapshot dedicated this one of his to me
many of you may not know but when i was first looking to get my first digital nikon it was he who took time here to talk to me and help me decide on my D50
one of my first friends on FT.... still a dear friend and a fellow D300 shooter ;-)

I love FOTOTHING and all the special friends it has brought me!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 25 2008 16:10 GMT bennystr
Jun 25 2008 16:11 GMT Doody PRO
I hate you SOOOOOO much !!!!!!

Not really just jealous AGAIN .... your wildlife is amazing & your captures just keep getting better. :-))))
Jun 25 2008 16:12 GMT LisaSam67
well i better not post the other stuff i got this past week out at lake almanor hehehehehe

let's see..... eagles, pelicans, canadian geese, more ospreys.....

oh and here's one for ya... on the way home yesterday.... a BIG BEAR ran across the road right in front of us

where was the camera? buried in the luggage in back!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 25 2008 16:14 GMT LisaSam67
spiders too.... and ants so big they needed their own zip code.... one carrying this star sugar thing to it's nest hahahahaha
oh and a grasshopper! cool stuff LMAO
Jun 25 2008 16:16 GMT ManiacMom PRO
A catfish. Wow. I had no idea they ate catfish! :)
Jun 25 2008 16:17 GMT LisaSam67
us either!
Jun 25 2008 16:35 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
very nice!
ps:i have too one of this,something "better" here:http://www.fotothing.com/photos/7d8/7d839fc24fd9321995830d3025e29795_8d4.jpg
Jun 25 2008 16:36 GMT LisaSam67
i think i remember that one!
love the wings!!
Jun 25 2008 16:40 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
no,no...i post it today,special dedication ;)
Jun 25 2008 16:58 GMT senna3
Fabulous shot!!!
Jun 25 2008 17:15 GMT marijke06
Jun 25 2008 17:15 GMT virginiabrill
AWEsome shot!!!

I am jealous also!
Jun 25 2008 17:18 GMT LisaSam67
as did I Chris ;-))))))))

thank you so much.... you are a sweet AND talented friend
Jun 25 2008 17:19 GMT virginiabrill
Oh...and the bear is hilarious! In Cali you gotta watch out for bears in the road...In Missouri, you gotta watch out for cows!

Same same!
Jun 25 2008 17:20 GMT LisaSam67
a cow totaled my nephew's 69 slowmaro

we got the cow problem too! lol
Jun 25 2008 17:22 GMT virginiabrill

Dude a while back my Gramma said there was a honey colored bear in her yard...a couple days later, my dad found a honey coloured COW on the loose a mile away from my Gramma....LMAO....She insists it wasn't a cow....but we wonder.
Jun 25 2008 17:23 GMT LisaSam67
omg that's too funny
Jun 25 2008 18:07 GMT Lensvision
Wow, what a catch!!!
Jun 25 2008 19:04 GMT sini
Beautiful capture!:)
Jun 25 2008 19:09 GMT Marttaru

just jealous AGAIN like Doody!!!!
These are so fabulous!!!!!!!!
Jun 25 2008 20:31 GMT YesHello
drop that catfish off at my place!!!
Jun 25 2008 21:45 GMT Cooler PRO
Fantastic capture ;-)))
Jun 25 2008 23:12 GMT ashdad PRO
Wow! Impressive.
Jun 26 2008 00:30 GMT glacierman
fabulous capture!
Jun 26 2008 01:26 GMT dougrun PRO
Awesome shot, Lisa! Welcome back!! :-))
Jun 26 2008 05:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great shot Lisa .. and ditto on FT Lisa. I've met some Amazing people I would never have had the chance to meet without FT
Jun 26 2008 06:55 GMT rock
magnificent capture!
Jun 26 2008 09:45 GMT lizzieb
~ wow Lisa, fabulous photo, love it - and I too have made some fantastic friends here! ~
Jun 26 2008 11:46 GMT annieann PRO
wow and wow again . excellent shot
Jun 26 2008 14:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
That's awesome Lisa!
Jun 26 2008 14:35 GMT bertel
such a great shot
Jul 20 2008 13:37 GMT Trigger995
great pics there loving them all
Dec 06 2008 02:19 GMT BootJackJenny
Nice....I need a new camera and a Big Ass Telephoto lense....you show me up all the time with your golden camera.