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Comments on this photo:

Jan 04 2011 05:40 GMT glacierman
wow, wonderful alpenglow in this great shot of the mountain!
Jan 04 2011 05:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Jan 04 2011 06:05 GMT sini
Beautiful view!:)
Jan 04 2011 06:44 GMT losp
Shine on a mountain of snow so enriching and
inspiring to both mind and eyes .. Excellent
composition & capture of such wonderful MOMENT !
Jan 04 2011 08:20 GMT teddybear2
an awesome view
Jan 04 2011 08:51 GMT Icandoit
Beautiful view!:)
Jan 04 2011 13:53 GMT clintonfolks
wow.!!! going to my favs...
Jan 04 2011 14:25 GMT ujbanyiv
Awesome Landscape Photo.
Tribute to Ansel Adams...

Happy NEW Year 2011!!!
Jan 04 2011 14:28 GMT martini957
So awesome!!!!
Jan 04 2011 15:08 GMT superJoan
Lovely pink mountains
Jan 04 2011 16:47 GMT Studio88
Jan 04 2011 19:26 GMT FRIESIAN
What a wonderful view!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 04 2011 22:07 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Fabulous photo!
Jan 05 2011 03:45 GMT fhelsing PRO
a beautiful photo of a beautiful mountain!
Jan 05 2011 11:09 GMT bluefam
Jan 05 2011 12:43 GMT mavik
Jan 06 2011 05:23 GMT Lucky222
Happy new year Lisa...
How did you iluminate such huge mountain....
Nice trick...
You got some lovely shots...
Jan 07 2011 13:35 GMT twsottawan PRO
The lenticular cloud looks like a cross section of a wing in a wind tunnel. Amazing you caught it at the summit of the mountain and so graphically. Is the image polarized? I didn't think anyone used that type of filter on the camera or in PShop anymore.
Jan 07 2011 15:36 GMT LisaSam67
70-400mm lens
a UV filter is the only thing on my lens
Shot in the sunrise hours from my kitchen window.
This mountain frequently makes it's own weather and the Lumurians are rumoured to travel in those lenticular clouds. Do some googleing and you'll see.

PS i posted a shot of the window and the mountain with the silly iPhone yesterday
Jan 07 2011 15:43 GMT LisaSam67
That link is to a very nice photograph of the mountain and it's lenticular clouds taken by a friend that lives up there.
Jan 07 2011 15:43 GMT LisaSam67
lol Lucky! God does my lighting for me ;-)
Jan 07 2011 15:44 GMT LisaSam67
Alz I must be truthful... no patience here.... that mountain is the view out my kitchen window at our new home in the mountains. But thank you all the same.
Jan 07 2011 16:55 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - what a friggen view Lisa!

Happy New Year to you and the rest of the clan.
Jan 07 2011 19:08 GMT LisaSam67
HI YOU!!!!!!!!!! Been thinking about you a lot! Hope you are all well and happy this 2011!!
Jan 09 2011 12:28 GMT lynnj04
Stunning :-))
Jan 17 2011 00:47 GMT twsottawan PRO
A friend if mine told me bought a D3100. At first I was sure he meant the new Hasseblad Digital at $3100 (CAD). Turned out it was just a Canon.
Jan 17 2011 00:58 GMT twsottawan PRO
"God does my lighting". LOL I heard that in a high school. "God does my legal work." I heard that sort of thing in little Italy a while ago. The Italians can be really great lawyers. They have a gift for it. So your gift is lighting then is it.
Jan 17 2011 04:25 GMT LisaSam67
yup that's my gift ;-)
Jan 17 2011 08:31 GMT twsottawan PRO
Is it expensive as a gift.
Jan 17 2011 16:22 GMT LisaSam67
You might find this interesting.


These people really believe Lemurians are in those clouds there ;-)
Jan 18 2011 22:07 GMT lizzieb
Wonderful shot Lisa.
Mar 29 2011 07:08 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Hi Lisa, enjoying this shot and your phrase, "God does my lighting for me." Doesn't He do it for all of us? It sure does look like you have a great home!
At 71, I'm a newlywed; we moved to Dallas and we miss the wonderful California scenery.
Mar 30 2011 04:23 GMT LisaSam67
ah ha! you've moved away?! How do you like Texas!?
Apr 13 2011 03:59 GMT gtc126