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hoping to get the air conditioning fixed today
we can't open the windows for cool morning air at all
it's pretty miserable here

hopefully they can get all the california fires out soon

this sucks beyond sucking

way cool live scanner from the firefighters up here
thanks for this ManiacMom
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 25 2008 14:27 GMT virginiabrill
I agree....=(

Our house has been hot also...This stupid house we are stuck in has NO insulation....so our tiny little window unit we keep in the bedroom doesn't even scratch the surface...And our house is in direct sun...

Freezing in the winter, and sweltering in the summer...At least we aren't using 100 Gal of propane every 2 weeks like we were in the winter!

I'm praying we get outta this house before winter....luckily we moved in towards the end of winter, and I just now got done paying off the last propane bill...I have no idea how we would survive the whole winter paying for 100 gallons of propane every 2 weeks...

Also praying for you guys! Always!
Jun 25 2008 14:29 GMT LisaSam67
ya propane sucks!!!! i don't miss the monthly fill ups at all!
but then there's this sweltering heat and smoke

argh..... well at least Jeff knows guys that do A/C work
he's calling them this morning to see if they can come fix it while i'm driving kids all over in the smokey mountains today

this is a day you would think...... i don't envy lisa LOL
Jun 25 2008 14:39 GMT virginiabrill
Lol...I dunno....a few days of being miserable might be worth it all doncha think?!?!

Lol....Our propane probably wouldn't be monthly if this stupid house had ANY form of insulation...

And get this---Jamie wanted to buy it from Jeff (our landlord--Jeez I know a billion Jeffs) to fix it up--meaning putting insulation in, fixing ALL the walls and the ceiling(AWFUL sheet rock jobs), etc. and he wants $30,000!!! LMFAO! Around here, this house isn't even worth $12,000!!!
Jun 25 2008 14:51 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Lisa, welcome home. :) Yes, it sucks. Hey...if you can't get the air fixed...by all means come to my smokey house and yard. At least I have air!
Jun 25 2008 15:03 GMT 23r0
Yeah, it's been terrible. If that's what it takes to get a deep orange sunset, I can live without it... :-)
Jun 25 2008 15:06 GMT LisaSam67
ya me too
Jun 25 2008 15:06 GMT virginiabrill
ManiacMom--Why don't you, Lisa, and anyone else you guys can pick up on the way come to Missouri!? Hartville specifically!....No smoke here! And we are south of the flooding...=P
Jun 25 2008 15:06 GMT LisaSam67
Thanks Denise... friends of ours own AR heating and air
they are on their way down YAY
Jun 25 2008 15:07 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it's good to have you home - sorry to hear you have the struggles with heat and smoke

glad Jeff has connections

we would be so screwed if we lost our a/c

when we had the big house in Houston (3800 square feet) we had one a/c unit for upstairs and one for downstairs. Not long before we lost the house we replaced the upstairs (outside) unit and had all new piping done - the builder had used crappy materials that didn't meet the a/c spec.... $5600!!!!!
Jun 25 2008 15:08 GMT LisaSam67
holy cow! 3800?!

jeff's work is cancelled from thick smoke

he's on his way home now
Jun 25 2008 15:17 GMT ManiacMom PRO
V, you are so sweet. :) My brother lives in Missouri, too. We'lll make it a party. :)
Jun 25 2008 15:18 GMT eScargo PRO
Great shot - pitty about the fires but is sure adds a lot of atmosphere to the atmosphere!
Jun 25 2008 15:18 GMT ManiacMom PRO
how bad is it up where you are? In S. Redding...I can barely see the trees at the end of the street. Whiskeytown is contained so maybe they can start working on the other 135+ fires now. My poor birds. :(((((((
Jun 25 2008 15:19 GMT ManiacMom PRO
lisa, good. the offer stands should you ever need it.
Jun 25 2008 15:44 GMT LisaSam67
it's pretty bad
the smell is thick
sun is barely visible.... looks like yours
we gotta drive over 299 to weaverville at noon to drop off two of the kids
jeff is on his way home cause work got cancelled
to thick to work in that stuff i guess
he's bailing tomorrow thru saturday to go to the dunes on the coast
so we get to sit in this crap while he gets clean air
i'm re thinking this kitten crap right now cause if it weren't for them we'd be going with him
Jun 25 2008 16:11 GMT bennystr
Sad story, I hope it'll improve soon, not a pleasant site!
Jun 25 2008 16:22 GMT Keitology
sorry to hear that anyway i like the visual mood ;-)
send you kisses my dear x
Jun 25 2008 16:33 GMT LisaSam67
thanks hun
Jun 25 2008 18:37 GMT PhotoPro PRO
yep - 4 bed, 3.5 bath, huge living room, huge family room (library - I was in the book business for 3-4 years and we had over 10k books), music room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen (about the size of our current apartment), breakfast room and laundry room -

also 2.5 car garage, 1/5 acre lot with fenced back yard, driveway big enough for 7 cars and on a cul-de-sac with 5 houses (we were in the back center) off a dead-end street in a 100 house subdivision with only one limited access exit/entrance off major suburban artery out of sight and sound at the entrance

within 5 miles:
grocery, 2 drug stores, Chili's, Bennigan's, Barnes and Noble, 3rd largest shopping mall (at the time) in Houston, Starbucks, UPS type store, 1500 head of cattle grazing field, Mom and Dad's (until they moved), church, dry cleaner, Wendy's, McDonalds, Jack Box, and much, much more

before my breakdown I mad a LOT of money....... early 90's (92-99) I was in the computer business selling mainly Macs and PC's - 95% to companies like BP, Conoco, Texaco, Minute Maid etc.

I held 6 or 7 different positions with the company in the 5 years I was there - one month in sales (a good month of sales was around $100k in sales) I had a $1.2million sale in addition to another $250k in sales - my commission for just that month was (after taxes, 7% 401k, 7% stock options and all taxes) $38k..:-))

The same year - Apple sent me on a 3 night cruise in the Caribbean, I went to Portland for 4 days (side trips to Mt St Helens, Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood), Scottsdale (Phoenix suburb), New Orleans over New Years where we attended the Mayor's dinner and Ball - then fireworks from the same room over the Mississippi - then on New Years day we went to the college championship bowl for the #1 place (via limo) at the Superdome.
I had a client send me to Switzerland office to work on their network for a week then 5 days in London (all paid for + $1000 cash for expenses - but they paid for all meals, tips etc.)

The best part of the trips? I got to take Gail at no charge!!!! :-))
Jun 25 2008 20:47 GMT LisaSam67
Damn dude!
Jun 26 2008 14:18 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Will the smoke be gone when I get there?
I hope so,
Jun 26 2008 14:21 GMT LisaSam67
our friend works for the fire people
she said there is over 800 fires going in calif with no end in sight
she had to call in the canadian fire plane

when you heading out
Jun 26 2008 14:31 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I dunno. I have to go to court first. I'll let you know soon as I know..k?
Jun 26 2008 14:34 GMT LisaSam67
kk :-)