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we have another baby!

this time it's Mellow who had her baby boy!!!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 11 2010 03:50 GMT jomoud PRO

also a gorgeous photo!!!
Mar 11 2010 03:52 GMT martini957
CONGRATULATIONS MELLOW...he's a fine looking boy and I love him...beam me up there right now Lisa : ))
Mar 11 2010 04:28 GMT junne PRO
it is strange that they are still breeding if this is a rescue place for horses

the filly has the strangest marking like a necklace on its neck. neat picture
Mar 11 2010 04:31 GMT LisaSam67
we do not breed them

they get knocked up in the kill pens we rescue them from
Mar 11 2010 04:33 GMT LisaSam67
The horse that had the other baby was a brood mare and was kept pregnant constantly

the rescue has a strict policy that their horses are NEVER to be BRED ever
Mar 11 2010 04:45 GMT gafaway
glad you shared that info... this is a beautiful photo... the mare looks so world weary... seen to much in her time
Mar 11 2010 05:06 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful light in this great family shot! Congrats on the new addition.
Mar 11 2010 05:16 GMT hbla PRO
good place you've been hanging at Lisa. all the info just kills me. I don't get how humans cant get that these creatures are living and feeling beings.
Mar 11 2010 06:28 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful! Since I haven't been around horses much, I'm surprised to hear of a safe haven horse rescue!! Wow.
Mar 11 2010 06:41 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great job Mellow!
Mar 11 2010 06:56 GMT teddybear2
You are doing a great job Lisa
One very cute baby
Mar 11 2010 07:07 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Jim there are 2 just south of St Louis - and they are growing rapidly - not enough money and not enough volunteers.

Today there was an article in the Post about slaughter of horses. It was outlawed in the US a few years ago and they are sent to Mexico and Canada.

100,000 per year!!
Mar 11 2010 07:50 GMT hans55 PRO
another fantastic horse picture ...beauty !!!
Mar 11 2010 09:16 GMT linnywv PRO
Congrats! How beautiful!!
Mar 11 2010 09:31 GMT clintonfolks
so glad the horses have a safe haven. great work you are doing Lisa.!!!
Mar 11 2010 13:16 GMT FRIESIAN
What a beautiful shot from mare with her foal!!!!
Mar 11 2010 14:31 GMT LisaSam67
Jim the brown horse with foal in the previous pics was saved by Shirley Puga who does rescue in the San Diego area. There are rescues all over the place. Right now the BLM and our wonderful government are rounding up the wild mustangs.... it makes me sick how many have been killed in the last two months..... run down the hills by helicopters and some babies ran their hooves off and omg it's disgusting what is happening right now. Up near us in Shingletown there is a Wild Horse refuge. There's another gal on Facebook that runs a mustang rescue all by herself in AZ.
Mar 12 2010 04:25 GMT fhelsing PRO
Mellow and her baby are in a good place now ... and I'm glad!
Mar 12 2010 07:17 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful image.
My congratulations to the new mum.
Mar 12 2010 10:40 GMT sini
Wonderful capture!:)
Mar 20 2010 17:11 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Such a shame. We need more people to care for the animals and funding for the welfare of the planet rather than the destructive bent of war.