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Comments on this photo:

Apr 14 2009 02:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
now - there's some driftwood!!
Apr 14 2009 02:40 GMT LisaSam67
lol yup
Apr 14 2009 04:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Drifting !
Apr 14 2009 05:16 GMT Londi PRO
This turned out really cool! So clear!
Apr 14 2009 05:22 GMT LisaSam67
hehehehe it totally looks like it!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't notice that!!!!!

I did do some panning shots of him though... looks like we were doing a Dodge Ram commercial shoot out there HAHA
Apr 14 2009 05:22 GMT LisaSam67
thanks hun :-)
Apr 14 2009 05:33 GMT Londi PRO
Sounds like it's been raining on your parade lately... I can't even think about dealing with BUGS...aaargh!!! and a dog peed on you???? You should be on the upswing now though! feel better soon!
Apr 14 2009 05:46 GMT LisaSam67
I keep thinking i should be on the upswing all week and it just keeps getting more and more F'd up each moment

I'm wondering what I did wrong in the Karma Department you know :(
Apr 14 2009 06:01 GMT Londi PRO
Hey, I can relate.

Not to the bed bugs tho... I hope I never experience that! Was just reading about them and it scares the bejesus out of you when you realize you can drag them home from a hotel... nice!!! I'm never going anywhere!! LOL! And I'm sitting here itching!!
Apr 14 2009 06:06 GMT LisaSam67
me too!!!!!!!!

All Jeff does is stay at hotels

four nights a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now we get to have new rules for hotel dwelling!
wonderful things like black plastic bags on your luggage and stuff lol

I just wanna curl up and dye ;-))))))))))))))))) LMAO

and I have NOT one Nit or lice thingy on my head and yet all I can do is itch! THIS SUCKS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 14 2009 06:06 GMT LisaSam67
I do however know why my feet were itching this week so bad though!
stupid damn bed bugs
Apr 14 2009 06:08 GMT LisaSam67
I was talking to a Flickr friend though.... and I'm wondering if God gave lice to the kids though so that we wouldn't bring our bedding into the house... if we had then the bedbugs would be in here for sure.... as of right now we don't know for sure if they are in our bed or not

maybe the trailer got quarantined by us over the lice thing because we are being spared Bedbugs in the house

God I hope so! I hope it was just those two bedbugs on our mattress liner cover from the trailer...... good grief what a day
Apr 14 2009 07:50 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great shot Lisa!! This shot wouldn't look out of place on a Dodge Ram brochure. Maybe you should approach Dodge for the rights to do the next photo shoot. :-))
Apr 14 2009 07:54 GMT nzshutter PRO
It sounds like you need to plan for the trip to New Zealand for our get-together to take your mind off those crappy little bugs and the lice situation. :-)
Apr 14 2009 14:42 GMT LisaSam67
Apr 14 2009 18:58 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic drift shot !!! :-))
Apr 16 2009 03:05 GMT martini957