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I knew there was something wrong with momma coon's eye! Only one would reflect when i shoot her with the phone. In full view it's clear... cataract
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 02:19 GMT jenylew
Awww then it's official! Two new pets for the Birdie Farm!
Nov 07 2008 02:19 GMT jenylew
Nov 07 2008 02:21 GMT LisaSam67
there's FIVE of THEM!
Nov 07 2008 02:21 GMT jenylew
The more the merrier!
Nov 07 2008 02:22 GMT LisaSam67
:P hahaha
Nov 07 2008 02:22 GMT LisaSam67
Martini is already calling me Ellie Mae!!!!!
Nov 07 2008 02:22 GMT jenylew
At least you live in a climate where they will just come around all year.
I am of the climate that everything comes to the door now, and I feel bad for it because it is going to freeze to death. UGH
Nov 07 2008 02:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Great capture, hun! :))
Nov 07 2008 02:23 GMT LisaSam67
oh that's terrible! I'd have a big barn and all the canadian animals in there..... hahahahahahahaha
Nov 07 2008 02:25 GMT martini957
awwww bless her little coon heart....wonder if some other animal damaged her precious eye
Nov 07 2008 02:27 GMT BootJackJenny
She's such a cutie... I just love raccoons
Nov 07 2008 02:32 GMT LisaSam67
probably my cat!
Nov 07 2008 02:32 GMT LisaSam67
i know! but mom has me so worried about parasites in their poop now that I've cleaned and disinfected the back porch and am afraid to go out there barefoot now LMAO
Nov 07 2008 02:34 GMT granitbiscut
Who would clean up after all the animals in that barn???
Nov 07 2008 02:36 GMT BootJackJenny
I really don't think you have to worry about that. Are they pooping on your porch ?
Nov 07 2008 02:40 GMT LisaSam67
not lately but when i had a little trash can out there that the kids would leave food trash in from a snack or something.... ya they'd eat and poop up there.... little blocks of black with green grass stickin out everywhere... triangular.... weirdest looking shit (literally) hahahaha
Nov 07 2008 02:41 GMT LisaSam67
Great Jenylew.... my husband read that barn thing... i'm so busted

Nov 07 2008 02:41 GMT LisaSam67
UM..... hi hunny..... i see you saw that barn thing... I can explain.... you see........ hehe
Nov 07 2008 02:45 GMT granitbiscut
Where is W.S. I thought he would be bitching about this conversation ?
Nov 07 2008 02:49 GMT LisaSam67
oh shit are we off topic on MY page?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 07 2008 02:53 GMT granitbiscut
Its your page lol.

Lisa was so brave taking those pics ! I was so proud of her.
Nov 07 2008 02:55 GMT LisaSam67
LOL what did you mean about bitching about this conversation then? lol

he's in the forum being one
Nov 07 2008 02:55 GMT LisaSam67
he said he commented on her page on that picture but then deleted it
and started a forum topic instead so that EVERYONE would see it
what an Ahole
Nov 07 2008 06:28 GMT BootJackJenny
Yea Uncle Jeff........you need to get on here more........I love it when you come to the rescue. hehehehehehehehe. sometimes us girls need a man to take charge. we need a breather.
Nov 07 2008 09:16 GMT Doody PRO
Hehehe I am off to stand at Jenny's door, as she feels sorry for things a this time of year & feeds them - lol
Nov 07 2008 18:57 GMT jenylew
Come on over Doody I'd feed ya!!! ;-)