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couronne online game friend stats and yes i can beat him lol



i tried to renew my acct that ive had for over 2 years and they are saying NO due to american gaming federal stupid laws........ WTF

and of course i sign in under the 15 minutes allowed per 24 hours and who do i see but my old buddy Paul...... and can i connect NO

stupid flippin internet!!!!!!!!!!

i have an entire section of my website dedicated to this dang game and can i play with my well known name? NO

LASSYthePointsFaerie alas has passed on into cyber heaven :(
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Jan 31 2008 16:35 GMT gentletouch PRO
Whenever the Government gets involved in things like this, they screw things up. Just keep in mind, it's an election year, and all kinds of bizarre things will be coming out of each state capitals as well as Capital Hill. You now need a special Government ID card as well as a passport or birth certificate to cross the border into Mexico, where before all you needed was a driver's licence and a declaration of citizenship. The businesses on both side of the border are going to hurt even worse.
Jan 31 2008 20:50 GMT LisaSam67
ya it's just stupid
i think i'll call my other mum in scotland and have her renew for me
i did it for her for a year when she didn't have a way to pay
she insisted on paying me for doing it tho so she sent me UK money!
way cool on my treasure shelf hehe