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just got this picture cd from mom in law

these pics were taken by dad in law or hubby when he was there.. not sure but that's just TOO CLOSE for comfort
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2008 16:44 GMT pp11364
Fantastic shot.
Jul 30 2008 16:48 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Great pix, and you are right!!!
Jul 30 2008 16:52 GMT crunch61
Dramatic image...
Jul 30 2008 16:54 GMT piskins72
powerful shot!
Jul 30 2008 17:01 GMT gafaway
as piskins says powerful...
Jul 30 2008 17:10 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow, I just hope we 'escape' similar wildfires this year...'06 was a bad one for us.
Jul 30 2008 17:15 GMT LisaSam67
i hope so too!!!

fire season isn't officially started yet either i believe
Jul 30 2008 17:15 GMT SlowCheeetah
what a great shot...this must have been dangerous and risky :)
Jul 30 2008 17:16 GMT LisaSam67
close to their home
i'm just glad they got out of there
Jul 30 2008 17:20 GMT abojovna PRO
Near! Fantastic, but sad!
Jul 30 2008 17:22 GMT nanstrom
Just had to be way too close for that photograph. Such a powerful photo...
Jul 30 2008 17:32 GMT lizzieb
Oh Lisa, that made my heart stop for a minute. I hope everyone is safe and the fires do not get anyworse.
Jul 30 2008 17:42 GMT LisaSam67
all are safe and just waiting
we were all supposed to go down there friday night
would have arrived just after it started
i can't imagine being there with that so close and the kids in tow

but as far as we know the house is still standing and all are safe... the important things are in check
Jul 30 2008 18:02 GMT Keitology
i am sorry to hear all the story...it makes me appreciate even more what I got
God bless all who need prayers
Jul 30 2008 18:04 GMT LisaSam67
thank you Keit
Jul 30 2008 18:13 GMT cowboyjunkie
great image, but such a shame, I truly hope all your family keep safe - and thanks for bringing this home to those of us who are elsewhere
Jul 30 2008 18:23 GMT Twiggs
excellent capture
Jul 30 2008 18:28 GMT LisaSam67
Lizzie... here's a link to the view of those mtns taken on christmas eve
Jul 30 2008 18:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
Dramatic Footage
Jul 30 2008 19:28 GMT Lensvision
It sure is, but what a great shot!
Jul 30 2008 19:29 GMT LisaSam67
ya.... is it sick of me to be wishing i had been along so i could shoot it? argh
Jul 30 2008 19:45 GMT Lensvision
No, it's not.
Jul 30 2008 20:05 GMT LisaSam67
Dang the photojournalist instict! I can't help it. Thx for letting me know it's ok ;-)
Jul 30 2008 20:38 GMT brunopapeete
terrific !!
Jul 30 2008 20:46 GMT Haw59 PRO
Magnificent shot but yes too close. Glad everyone is ok.
Jul 30 2008 21:01 GMT jomoud PRO
holy crap
that is close;(:(
Jul 30 2008 21:30 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Too close Lisa! And HOTTT:-(
Jul 30 2008 22:39 GMT Bellavista
Ohhh poor trees!!
Jul 30 2008 22:51 GMT megmet PRO
It's a terrific shot but way too close for comfort !
So far this summer we have been lucky, there have been some fires but not close to us, though there have been times when we could smell it.
We just hope with the main tourist season about to start this week that we continue to stay lucky.

Please people.....be careful out there, its so dry that it only takes one spark.

Praying for rain for you Lisa, lots of it....
Jul 30 2008 23:22 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Wow, lisa, Geoff or his parents took an amazing shot. Wildfire is not something I want to get close to, either.
Jul 30 2008 23:44 GMT Mary99
Sorry to see and hear about this, prayers are for you and all the Family
Jul 31 2008 00:34 GMT dougrun PRO
WOW! Incredible shot, way too close!!!!! Glad all are ok
Jul 31 2008 00:51 GMT felixdakilla
Jul 31 2008 02:41 GMT virginiabrill
WOW....that is scary looking!
Jul 31 2008 04:19 GMT djm
Agree with the comfort zone!!! And tell Dad great photography!!! Awesome Pic all around!!! :O )) Sheila
Jul 31 2008 05:41 GMT misscharlie52
OMG! OMG! Nothing else comes to mind, praying your inlaws will be safe and the house might be spared...
Jul 31 2008 06:47 GMT rainbow71
You can have our rain. Great shot (I think).
Poor wildlife.
Jul 31 2008 07:48 GMT gbgd
Brrrr! Im dreaming of fire when Ive seen your pictures! I hope its OK now!
Jul 31 2008 08:03 GMT hans55 PRO
they must have been very close ...but sure gives a fantastic picture !!!
Jul 31 2008 13:34 GMT MissMurder007
such a powerful shot!
Jul 31 2008 14:20 GMT Laodamia
well done!
Try not to be that hot, for you see what the results can be! :P
Jul 31 2008 15:35 GMT baltic
OMG does not look good:(
Jul 31 2008 15:49 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Jul 31 2008 16:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is so dramatic Lisa!!
Jul 31 2008 16:47 GMT iyerhari
Aug 01 2008 01:49 GMT Poulet PRO
So powerful!