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My DoorFriday entry!
This is a door from the house just to your right here in my gallery... I loved the reflection in this shot so much I cropped it special for this week's FunFriday. Have fun everyone and don't forget to visit the forum topic for this weekly fun here: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/971/6280

and Add FunFriday as your friend so you can easily see what the next week's about ;-) http://www.fotothing.com/funfriday
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Comments on this photo:

May 17 2007 23:47 GMT megmet PRO
I love the reflections in this too Lisa, a very good entry! Have a great weekend. :))
May 17 2007 23:48 GMT jceca PRO
now .... all in spanish, please ...... :D

fabulous entry, Lisa !!!!!!!
i love the reflection too ......
May 18 2007 00:09 GMT LisaSam67

you asked for it hehehehehehe

¡Mi entrada de DoorFriday! Esto es una puerta de la casa apenas a la tu derecha aquí en mi galería… Amé la reflexión en esto me tiré tanto lo coseché especial para FunFriday de esta semana. Tener diversión cada uno y no olvidarte de visitar el asunto del foro para esta diversión semanal aquí: http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/971/6280 y agregar FunFriday como tu amigo así que tú podéis ver fácilmente sobre lo que la semana próxima; -) http://www.fotothing.com/funfriday

how about some german:

Meine DoorFriday Eintragung! Dieses ist eine Tür vom Haus gerade rechts dein hier in meiner Galerie… Ich liebte die Reflexion diesbezüglich schoß soviel mich erntete es speziell für FunFriday dieser Woche. Spaß haben jeder und nicht vergessen, das Forumthema für diesen wöchentlichen Spaß hier zu besuchen: leicht sehen könnt, http://forum.fotothing.com/topic/971/6280 und addieren FunFriday, wie dein Freund also du was der folgenden Woche über; -) http://www.fotothing.com/funfriday


and thank you jceca for the nice comment :-)))))))
life is so fun!

if it's wrong blame GOOGLE..... I went in without my foil hat stu!!!!!!

May 18 2007 00:09 GMT LisaSam67
thanks Meg! you too :-))))
May 18 2007 00:16 GMT beady
Nice door entry, I like the reflection in the glass
May 18 2007 00:21 GMT abojovna PRO
Very creativ and elegant entry, Lisa!
May 18 2007 01:01 GMT LisaSam67
thanks beady
May 18 2007 01:01 GMT LisaSam67
thanks abojovna
May 18 2007 01:02 GMT jceca PRO
hey, it is MUCHHHHHH better than other crappy free stuffs !!!!!
didn't know for this link ...
maybe this could be some help to me too ... :-)
thanks !!!
May 18 2007 01:08 GMT LisaSam67
I use slimbrowser and it's got the button to translate built in.... i just highlight and copy and then click the translatre button and it just does it for me! ;-) Glad it might help you out some!
May 18 2007 01:25 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful colour door & great reflection.
May 18 2007 01:28 GMT jceca PRO
just have tried to translate something .... english - spanish is not bad, but spanish - english IS bad !!!
no idea how does it work in other languages ...

anyhow, i can understand it ... maybe because my english is baaaaad too !!!!! :-)))
May 18 2007 01:44 GMT LisaSam67
thanks ashdad!
May 18 2007 01:45 GMT LisaSam67
LOL ya I think the only way to get it really good is to use those sites that a human actually translates for ya but then it's type it in and wait a day or two... ugh on that! no thanks... plus of course you gotta pay!
May 18 2007 02:00 GMT Bali
Really a great shot!!!!!!Very interesting!!!!!!:)
May 18 2007 02:14 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Entry - Very Creative!!!
May 18 2007 04:24 GMT Poulet PRO
Great reflection shot,. Lisa !! Super cool captured!
Beautiful entry ! :))
May 18 2007 05:22 GMT sini
Wonderful reflections! Great door entry!
May 18 2007 06:33 GMT hans55 PRO
a great entry !!
May 18 2007 07:11 GMT DGM
I like the reflections too!
May 18 2007 07:41 GMT corainna
very nice pic and the reflection is greate
May 18 2007 08:11 GMT deafcon1
Cool entry!
May 18 2007 08:18 GMT damansara71
Fantastic reflection Lisa!!! It will be perfect if you can ask my bunny to smile in the refection !
Maybe Kenneth too....
May 18 2007 08:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great reflection and contribution to the theme
May 18 2007 08:38 GMT supercarrie
May 18 2007 08:54 GMT Natascia
What an inspiration to have such a reflection to capture todays theme so beautifull - well done
May 18 2007 09:25 GMT karlbark
Very nice entry...the reflections really make a differece! (Duh) ;-)
And the translations....well....I´m not about to proof-read them, but I´m very impressed :-D LOL

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
May 18 2007 11:01 GMT gtc126
Super looks like you killed two birds with one stone......the door and the reflection Shot Shot!!!!!
May 18 2007 11:02 GMT irashid
Excellent Entry..............

Wonderful shot
May 18 2007 11:48 GMT Jakeobean
Lisa..this is a fabulous photograph...one of my favorite subjects..."a door", but with a beautiful reflection.......it must be so relaxing to be working and have the opportunity to glance up and see a wonderful image......
May 18 2007 13:13 GMT LizSA
what a warm colour.......sureley we could see the original of the refection sometime....it looks interesting.....!!!!
May 18 2007 15:23 GMT Hamin PRO
That reflection is so perfect for the capture!!
May 18 2007 17:37 GMT dcz
no me extraña que te gusten los reflejos son increibles, la puerta con el marco color vino y los ladrillos tambien es preciosa.
May 18 2007 18:07 GMT ratliff71
beautiful shot and reflection
May 18 2007 20:48 GMT gwen83
Great entry, well done:)))
May 18 2007 21:52 GMT LisaSam67
lol I hadn't thought of that haha - I'll take my camera on errands this weekend and shoot some...
May 18 2007 21:53 GMT bennystr
Excellent entry and a reflection as a bonus!
May 18 2007 22:05 GMT LisaSam67
thanks benny
May 18 2007 22:06 GMT LisaSam67
gracias dcz
May 19 2007 02:20 GMT PhotoPro PRO
love the reflections!
May 19 2007 06:00 GMT LisaSam67
Thanks PhotoPro