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the calico one on the right is Shasta and a boy we now know.... he was adopted by our friends and we are kitten sitting for them while they camp

they kitten sat for our two last week while we were up at lake almanor

they are playing in their new play center i got them at Wally World today

the mouse on the string is a toy we got yesterday at petco...

they aren't spoiled.... not one little bit lol

the all red one is ricky.... but found out it's a girl.... so need to maybe find a new name so she doesn't have a complex

the one that's mostly white with a bit of red.... Nina named Elizabeth and it is a boy lmao.... thinking about Lassen or Cosmo for that one
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2008 00:51 GMT virginiabrill

What about the kitty names Ricky? What's a complex?

And you seemed to have confused those poor kittens about their gender....

You could always drop the "zabeth" on the Elizabeth and have one named Eli.
Jun 27 2008 00:53 GMT LisaSam67

how about "hey you" and "damnit"

Jun 27 2008 00:54 GMT virginiabrill
LMAO...I had a customer that had a dog named Comehere...
Jun 27 2008 00:54 GMT LisaSam67
oh i like it hahahahaha
Jun 27 2008 01:01 GMT virginiabrill
Oh hey....The red one may not have conplexes....I mean Ricky is a girls name....Ricky Lake??


Bad example???
Jun 27 2008 01:01 GMT fourdeadpresidents

Not like we call the dog...

Stupid and Fucknut and Retard...

Jun 27 2008 01:02 GMT virginiabrill
LOL...well talk to Sirocco in the right tone, and he'll answer to anything!
Jun 27 2008 01:10 GMT LisaSam67
oh yeah!

cool... ricky it is
Jun 27 2008 08:04 GMT lizzieb
~ HEY WHATS WRONG WITH ELIZEBETH - its a great name. Well ok I go with it not being great for a boy lol. And yep I like Ricky too for the girl kitty! ~
Jun 27 2008 14:11 GMT LisaSam67
i'm so used to calling her um him elizabeth.... maybe it won't notice lol
Jun 27 2008 17:46 GMT lizzieb
~ lol you did not notice my spelling of Elizebeth! - It is how my name is spelt, my dad delivered me, got drunk and went and registered my name - to drunk to remember the spelling! Still it makes me unique PMSL !!! ~
Jun 27 2008 17:48 GMT LisaSam67
Jun 27 2008 17:49 GMT garynumber1cleaner
they hung the mouse :(
Jun 27 2008 17:49 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Jun 27 2008 17:49 GMT LisaSam67