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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2008 19:00 GMT fourdeadpresidents

I don't even want to know...

Jul 18 2008 19:08 GMT virginiabrill
LOL...That's great!
Jul 18 2008 19:09 GMT martini957
Niki says, you could have just ask lol
Jul 18 2008 19:20 GMT fourdeadpresidents

Virginia said, "yep, there's her little coochie..."

Jul 18 2008 19:28 GMT megmet PRO
Never seen it done just like that before, but I guess it stops the cat biting the vet. =^..^=
Jul 18 2008 19:42 GMT dougrun PRO
Oh the indignity of it all!! A girl should not be treated this way..........
I will plan my revenge and get even....... soon!
Jul 18 2008 19:45 GMT lynnj04
lol How very undignified having your bits looked at while held upside down and your photo posted on FT only then to find out your a girl and not a boy !! you will have to call her vicky instead :-))
Jul 18 2008 21:43 GMT Captivelight PRO
Wonders if he should try this on the girl friend... just to be sure...
Jul 18 2008 21:56 GMT Doody PRO
yep she should have let one rip - that would have shown him - nothing worse than cat food farts ....
Jul 19 2008 01:13 GMT Haw59 PRO
It is funny how many times that changes as time goes on. One person tells you one thing another tells you something else but when you get to the vet and they say congratualations it is a .........!
Jul 19 2008 02:27 GMT Londi PRO

Oh my... speechless!
Jul 19 2008 07:58 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
not so funny for cat ;))
Jul 19 2008 08:37 GMT abojovna PRO
:-) Looks like by veterinar ordination!
Jul 21 2008 18:52 GMT taxicat PRO
muy buena :-D
Jul 21 2008 21:09 GMT wolf2728
i cqan just say thank God my dr does not do this type of exama
Jul 22 2008 03:11 GMT jenylew
Doods - Dawson's cat food farts are way worse...trust me buddy!

You are too funny.

Birdie this is hysterical!