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this is my old haunt.... Jeff took me to dinner for my Bday and during dinner I remembered that "hair" opens next week... which meant that everyone would be rehearsing and so of course I had to sneak in!

I didn't dare disturb them but i sure as heck wanted to test out the D300 in theatre lighting and it did pretty darn good.... took this thru the back lobby window

i miss this place.... these people were my family and this building and stage were my home for so long

i was on stage / i was building sets / painting sets / stage managing / taking archive video / shooting headshots / getting props / designing makeup / playing dressup in the costume room (shhhhhh)

Community theatre is my other passion.... sigh.... someday

original web site...... http://www.ferndale-rep.org/ferndale_repertory.html
here's a link to a show i was in http://www.ferndale-rep.org/cuckoo-nest.html I played Candy Starr..... best dang cast I ever worked with.... i also built the set for it with Dan.... (justDaniel in Fotothing) he also designed the set... directed the show... and was in it too.... seems like a lot until you realize that he has no voice

my very first theatre shots ever.... got front page of the newspaper's entertainment section too lol

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 29 2008 02:02 GMT gentletouch PRO
Hair ... I love the movie, the soundtrack from the movie, and the original soundtrack. I wasn't able to see the play, but it does remind me of my young hippie days. I now sigh when I watch the movie, out of nostalgia's sake and remembering when life was so much simpler. We knew then who the good and bad guys were, Nixon was the heavy, anyone older than 30 was suspect ... Ah, the good old days of love-ins in the park, and Country Joe McDonald singing the Fish Cheer on the radio blaring out of the open window. >SIGH
Mar 29 2008 02:12 GMT LisaSam67
so here we both sit sister.... *sighing* over our good ole days ;-)))))
Mar 29 2008 02:14 GMT jomoud PRO
I was wondering where your entry was Lisa. You made it just in time:):)
I keep on learning more and more about you:)
Did you sing as well in Hair?
Great entry for this week's funfest.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Mar 29 2008 02:16 GMT Sweetoes PRO
YAY! I'm back and I missed your birthday...phooey! Well happy late birthday sweety and BIGGG HUGGGGSSSS tooooo!
Mar 29 2008 03:09 GMT LisaSam67
lol that's ok Shari! i just got back today too lol
Mar 29 2008 03:10 GMT LisaSam67
nope John.. never sang in Hair

Sang in Ruddigore, Phantom of the Country Opera, La Perichole, The Most Happy Fella, Annie, King Island Christmas, and i'm sure i'm missing some others lol

and then worked on countless others.... it consumed every waking moment
Mar 29 2008 18:02 GMT Poulet PRO
So cool!!
Great entry, Lisa. :))