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My beautiful kids.... in 2005
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 18:26 GMT hans55 PRO
as i know you ...i wouldnt say that your a racist at all !!! :-))
nice family shot !!! :-))
Nov 07 2008 18:28 GMT LisaSam67
I know Hans.... you are a sweet wonderful friend :-))))))))))))))))))))
Nov 07 2008 18:44 GMT Haw59 PRO
I am sorry you have to go though that. But you are the strongest person I know and I know you can take it. But you should not have too.
I love your family portrait and I thank you for sharing them with us.
Nov 07 2008 18:47 GMT yvon
wonderful family what,s happen??????Wonderful human Don,t matter how you look but it is important how you live!!!
Nov 07 2008 20:15 GMT craftybutterfly
Miss you guys :)
Nov 07 2008 20:41 GMT martini957
YOU GO GIRL.....how dare anyone find fault with my awesome friend....and just for the heck of it...I still love crayons...so many awesome colors in that box huh?
Nov 07 2008 23:59 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Lisa, I cannot believe how young they look! OMGosh..they grow up way too fast! Of course, you haven't aged a day. :))))
Nov 08 2008 06:58 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
i didn't see any of yr recent grief. i am gessing (reading between the lines) that yo voted for McCain and that makes yo racist? Thats fnny! yo so obviosly are racist. i mean.... anyone who adopts children that arent the same race as them is obviosly a member of the klan lol. Don't even bother defending yorself, people have obviosly got this soooo wrong. yo are free to vote for whoever yo want. and yes my eeeeeeooooooooowwwwww key has stopped working lol.
Nov 08 2008 12:21 GMT jenylew
HA ha Sam I love how you spelled "U" lol for a minute there I thought you were trying to be hip with you're "Yo dis and Yo dat" ;-))

Birdie this is such a beautiful photo of you - straight to my faves! Have a great weekend, cutie!
Nov 08 2008 17:05 GMT LizSA
what a beautiful family photo...... and they all are beautiful children, I just
commented on Nina's pancakes... :-)

What you think or do about politics is your own business...
my daughter also adopted a little princess across the colour line..
we love her so much... as a "person" she has grown in our hearts...she is now 8,
little Michaela... I cannot believe how I long to give her a hug..:(( :))
Nov 08 2008 18:19 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
No, not trying to be hip, jst dont have a eeeeeeeoooooooowwwww!
Nov 08 2008 23:01 GMT nzshutter PRO
I so think you all are such are a wonderful family that have had and will have many hours of fun and joy together. How dare anyone call you racist. I think you are such a fair and well rounded person that cherishes the friendship of anyone you meet. Dont sweat it Lisa. Even from all the way over here in New Zealand, I am on your side. :-)
Nov 09 2008 00:41 GMT LisaSam67
crayons.... colors...... yes! so many beautiful ones......

only took me two days to "get" that!
Nov 09 2008 01:18 GMT elbeaver
nice bunch :)
Nov 09 2008 03:39 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm a very far away friend but I love you all!!! :))))