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map of fires in our area

the fires are still pretty bad here

air quality yesterday was 4 pts away from very unhealthy

the road we traveled yesterday thru the mountains to take kids to my ex is now closed and the fire threatens to jump the highway

jeff has gone to the sand dunes on the oregon coast to ride the quad with his buddies

i was too tired to pack up and head out yet again and then turn around and pack to go back to the lake in the mountains (assuming pg&e resumes operations)

so here we sit inside :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 26 2008 14:16 GMT Sweetoes PRO
ummm..why is it sideways Lisa? lol
Jun 26 2008 14:17 GMT ManiacMom PRO
did you turn it on purpose? :) is this the morning sunrise? I did sunset.
Jun 26 2008 14:22 GMT LisaSam67
Jun 26 2008 14:23 GMT LisaSam67
the laptop keeps crashing
i was uploading from the card reader
so of course it uploaded and crashed
so there it sat before i could turn it! LMAO
Jun 26 2008 14:23 GMT LisaSam67
oh and yes.... sunrise just a bit ago
Jun 26 2008 14:29 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Well that's good...for a minute I thought maybe the smoke was making you crazy...lol...nice sideways shot but yucky smoke:-((
Jun 26 2008 14:29 GMT jomoud PRO
I've been following the news about the Ca fires, it is bad:(
Is it very close to you?
I had to deal with a fire yesterday, my neighbour's house went up in flames.
Luckily enough the wind blew the fire and sparks away from my place. Scary stuff.
Jun 26 2008 14:32 GMT LisaSam67
oh man that sux!

it's all around us John

I'm on the shasta/tehema county line
ManiacMom is up in redding

it's bad

the sun can manage only a reddish haze glow on the carpet at my feet right now

my house is situated in such a way that I think we are pretty darn safe if that stuff heads our way.... the closest one to me is west near Platina and Igo
they got evacuated this morning :(
Jun 26 2008 14:34 GMT bertel
I am very sorry to hear about the fire.
It is a great photo and unusual too
Jun 26 2008 14:37 GMT virginiabrill
=/ Man...
Jun 26 2008 14:39 GMT losp
Magical & mysterious atmosphere caused by forest fire ..
Wonderful reflection .. Excellent composition & capture.
THANKS for visiting and for your very kind comment.
Jun 26 2008 15:13 GMT hevychevy PRO
perfect reflection Lisa , could be flipped and really make you think or maybe it is flipped and you are mesing with us ???? LOL :-))
Jun 26 2008 15:16 GMT LisaSam67
lol i had to look outside to actually see the tree lines to see which way to rotate the bloody thing hahahahahahaha
Jun 26 2008 15:28 GMT sini
Pretty bad and scary indeed! But a great reflection entry!:)
Jun 26 2008 15:29 GMT hevychevy PRO
LOL i hear you Lisa , Damn its a shame when you shoot so good you cant tell LOL :-))
Jun 26 2008 15:44 GMT LisaSam67
lol no Dale I blame it on aging eyes LOL
Jun 26 2008 17:45 GMT hevychevy PRO
that was my next thing but was being nice mine are fried any more cant see a thing close up :-)) LOL
Jun 26 2008 19:53 GMT megmet PRO
I hope they put the fires out soon Lisa, I know how bad it can be as I've been here in the fires more than once.
Just hope they remind the tourists this year how dry it all is after four years of drought here.

Stay safe !
Jun 26 2008 19:59 GMT damansara71
Despite all the problems, you still can come up with excellent compositions..........
Jun 26 2008 21:54 GMT LisaSam67
lol ya.... it seemed like the minute i turned 40 i was starting to hold things at arms length
Jun 26 2008 22:49 GMT LizSA
Jomoud... wow... sad to loose your house.....
good to hear you were all well and safe....!!!

these fires are really scary LisaSam,

with all in all.......... great reflections...!
Jun 26 2008 22:51 GMT LisaSam67
thanks ;-)

they are a lot closer to ManiacMom than to me at this moment