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Meet my new Llama, Cherry Kiss

We are moving away from the lake. Got 10 acres up on the side of Mt. Lassen and we'll be moving mid November!!!! YAY!!!!

We also have a rooster named Brewster and we'll be getting him some hens so we'll have fresh eggs on demand LMAO

Also getting a mule and a miniature donkey :-)

Well..... that's what we are up to. How about you?
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 25 2010 03:02 GMT LisaSam67
PS... Donkeys and Llamas are protective and very vocal when mountain lions,dogs, people or whatever doesn't belong shows up on your property. A mountain lion in a town near us got ahold of a goat and the donkey kicked at the lion and brayed really loud and guess who ran away empty handed? lol
Oct 25 2010 03:17 GMT MJGhajar PRO
So cute! :-)
Oct 25 2010 03:57 GMT rainbow71
Hope you enjoy your move. He is adorable.
Oct 25 2010 04:18 GMT beady
nice close-up
Oct 25 2010 04:52 GMT marijke06
cool look!
Oct 25 2010 08:20 GMT teddybear2
He certainly is a handsome dude. The idea of mountain lions would scare the heack out of me. I was not aware they were in USA
Oct 25 2010 09:00 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
He's adorable, with a great smile!!
Oct 25 2010 10:15 GMT clintonfolks
Oct 25 2010 15:17 GMT bennystr
Great one!
Oct 25 2010 15:49 GMT hans55 PRO
looking forward to the pictures of your new place and all the animals running arround there !!! :-)
Oct 26 2010 01:27 GMT martini957
Wonderful news....so happy for you...now you can have a heap more critters : )
I know exactly how vocal a miniature donkey is...the one at my dad's place is a hoot
Oct 26 2010 05:00 GMT LisaSam67
Yes and one got a goat and a donkey saved him and how cool is that?! Lol. I'm so afraid of them
Oct 26 2010 05:34 GMT sini
Cute portrait!:)
Oct 26 2010 18:03 GMT martini957
That is awesome that the donkey saved the goat....I sure wish my dad's donkey could have gotten out of the pasture and attacked the low down dirty thieves that had the everloving gall to pull up in my dad's yard with a rollback truck & loaded up his old Ford truck...I imagine Donkey was being very vocal, but we weren't there to hear him : (

Cherry Kiss is so precious.....you should be moved in by Thanksgiving huh?
Oct 26 2010 18:13 GMT LisaSam67
Oh that's aweful!

And yes. Moving the weekend before turkey day! Yay
Oct 27 2010 18:34 GMT lynnj04
Cute sounds really lovely apart from lions. I couldn't imagine mountain lions it is something we just see on T.V sounds really strange to hear someone saying that :-))
Oct 28 2010 07:37 GMT FLUMP
He's so cool.......a definite beauty :)
Oct 29 2010 10:31 GMT smiles66
who couldn't love that face?
Oct 31 2010 17:30 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
scary,real scary! this biatck looks evil!
Oct 31 2010 18:03 GMT LisaSam67
Lol. She's sweet haha
Nov 02 2010 18:38 GMT FRIESIAN
What a cute one!!!
Jan 18 2011 17:52 GMT LizSA
i just caught up with the moving farms.... !!! wish you all the best at the new farm..
sounds like a heavenly life for the kids... growing up with the asortment of animals.
Jan 18 2011 19:00 GMT LisaSam67