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Found this in the mall here yesterday... I detest going to the mall hahaha - usually dart in and out as fast as humanly possible! Had my camera with me this time... so it was a bit easier to deal with being in there LOL

Time to call it a night! Been in MySpaz all dang day making a page for my kids.... would much rather be in here!

Hope you are all well and happy!!!!
xxoo, Lisa
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Comments on this photo:

May 17 2007 08:37 GMT linnywv PRO
Needless to say, I LOVE IT!!
May 17 2007 09:05 GMT hans55 PRO
i'am well and happy Lisa !! :-)
timeless pic !! :-)
May 17 2007 09:10 GMT DGM
Almost time for lunch!!

Nice clock!!
May 17 2007 09:22 GMT LisaSam67
hahahaha I hadn't noticed that! The darned thing isn't working!!!!!!!! OMG that mall bites! It's half deserted... Easy to see why hahaha - took this around 8 pm last night!
May 17 2007 09:23 GMT LisaSam67
hehe knew you'd like this.... even said so to Mark after I shot it... he knew why I did it too hehe - I'm such a clock hunter now LMAO
May 17 2007 09:24 GMT LisaSam67
thanks hans55
May 17 2007 09:32 GMT Craig1000hk
lol yeahhhhhhhhhh you ol clockhunter you..............er...............actually I collect watches..........literally..........bit expensive but I sort of kind of like watches and timepieces..........including barometres RME love the pic.......did one say that :-))
May 17 2007 09:42 GMT irashid
Excellent subject...........Great Capture
May 17 2007 09:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
Certainly is interesting
May 17 2007 10:52 GMT Squirrel PRO
Great clocks photo !
May 17 2007 11:13 GMT abojovna PRO
haha 11:55 :-) Nice shot!
May 17 2007 15:33 GMT damansara71
We wish you well too BGM!!! The clock looks great ! The the shop your site & you might get good discount or free...............
May 17 2007 17:44 GMT Lensvision
Time flies......
May 17 2007 22:56 GMT TE4SE
Nice clock its good you found the time to take the pic.......:)
May 17 2007 23:25 GMT LisaSam67
ya me too Craig... my Uncle Gene had almost 100 clocks in his house all set perfectly to go off one after the other... the chimes almost never ended as some went off on the quarter hour!

I love watches, pocket watches, clocks of all kinds, metranomes, baramoters all of it...
May 17 2007 23:25 GMT LisaSam67
LOL cool use of words there TE4SE
May 17 2007 23:26 GMT LisaSam67
yes it does Lensvision... well... unless it's frozen lol
May 17 2007 23:26 GMT LisaSam67
LOL damanasara71 where would I put it? hehe
May 17 2007 23:26 GMT LisaSam67
thanks abojovna
May 17 2007 23:27 GMT LisaSam67
thanks Squirrel
May 17 2007 23:27 GMT LisaSam67
thanks Midworlder... I wish they'd have lined it up when setting it up though... bugs me the ceiling window doesn't line up with it LOL
May 17 2007 23:28 GMT LisaSam67
thanks irashid
May 17 2007 23:43 GMT vanalan78
Gassss$$$$ - If it wasn't so expensive toget to the mall,maybe it would be more fun! ;)
May 18 2007 00:05 GMT LisaSam67
ya maybe that's why it's so dead in there lately LOL no one can afford to shop anymore... too much to get there.. price of gas drives up prices so everything costs more.... upward spiral effect coming right up!
May 18 2007 04:25 GMT Poulet PRO
Near lunch time !! ;)))
May 18 2007 11:12 GMT gtc126
Great Composition!!!!
May 18 2007 21:54 GMT bennystr
Wonderful shot!
May 18 2007 22:03 GMT LisaSam67
it is now LOL - I'm a starvin' marvin!
May 18 2007 22:03 GMT LisaSam67
thanks gtc126
May 18 2007 22:03 GMT LisaSam67
thanks benny!