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16 miles south of Crescent City

all the years I lived just an hour south of this place and I never went on the hike thru the trees or in the sky tram..... did it today.... very pretty and fun
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Nov 25 2008 02:19 GMT Londi PRO
That is amazing Lisa! We would stop here once in a while, it gave the kids a good break ;+) I love the area around Crescent City!!!
Nov 25 2008 02:23 GMT LisaSam67
the hike was awesome
we didn't go on the sky tram at first though cause the boys had to pee
so we went back down to the gift shop and they went pee and we paid for the trail and stuff and they stamped our hands and we rode the golf cart limo up to the tram dock LOL
we just can't do things simply!
Nov 25 2008 02:30 GMT Londi PRO
Sounds like us;+} we rode the monorail, but waited for the second because we couldn't all agree to go.. Naomi of couse was ready! I'm glad we went and walked out around the space needle.. going up in the needle was out of the question for Heather ;+) I envy you there! I'd take off on a road trip during the holiday but have no one to watch the dogs!!!
Nov 25 2008 02:32 GMT LisaSam67
you know.... i couldn't believe this place! so dog friendly!
Boo was allowed in the gift shop / the sky tram / the trails!
and peeps had BIG dogs with them! CRAZY!!

but i know what you mean..... would have been fun! sigh lol

ps... I'm with Heather... I'm not going up in that space needle ever!!!!
Nov 26 2008 05:12 GMT Londi PRO
well... have a dog sitter ;+) woo hoo!

I am not too keen on the needle-went up in the one in Vegas...saw the insane rides on the top and it is SCARY!! I've completely blocked the name of it out of my mind... :)
Nov 26 2008 16:34 GMT LisaSam67
have a dog sitter? we will be here till Saturday.... you guys coming down or what?! lol