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Mom!!!!!! I swear it was Jeff that threw that stuff out there..... so i could take pics..... LOL

I'm so not happy with my dof on this BUT considering that i was just two feet from them and the slider was open it's the best i could do LMAO

Jeff was holding the door open and ready to slam it shut when or if i got charged.... could you just imagine one of those running around our house!?! Oh HECK no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 02:18 GMT jenylew
OMG Birdie! Don't feed the vermin!

Look at those faces...OMG they are so friggen cute! Tee hee! You know, if you can tame them they make awesome pets, I'm told!!!
Nov 07 2008 02:20 GMT LisaSam67

I'm already a lost cause with animals..... the goose is letting us pet him now! The duck is getting closer too..... they come when we call them.....

The coons do too.... they don't run away... they slowly approach.... three little babies and a momma and another one..... That's what I'm worried about mostly is momma getting mad and biting me or something
Nov 07 2008 02:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Very cute!!!
We don't have it here! ;-))
Nov 07 2008 02:24 GMT ashdad PRO
They are cute though!
Nov 07 2008 02:25 GMT martini957
so adorable...great shot
Nov 07 2008 03:24 GMT yellowgirl
they are so cute :) I have never seen one before.
Nov 07 2008 03:51 GMT misscharlie52
I'm feeding two families - ours looooooove marshmellows! Nice pics lisa!
Nov 07 2008 07:01 GMT BootJackJenny
Are those lucky charms ????? are you kidding me ? Lucky charms, feed those silly things the bran man.....keep the lucky charms !
Nov 07 2008 09:15 GMT Doody PRO
Those coons eat better than me !!!

Let one in - I am so sure that it would just slot right in at your house - lol