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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special friend...

You mean more to us than you'll ever know... it's hard to believe a year has passed already... so much has changed and you were with us all the way thru it all... your words of strength and encouragement helped so much and still sometimes I draw strength from them.

I wish for you the most amazing birthday my friend... I am so happy that you get to share it with Keit... you two have a grand time ok!

love to you both... Keit... give him a great big hug for us ok!

signed, Lisa & Jeff and crew :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

oh and ps.... the only reason i braved hanging over the edge of that balcony was to get this shot for you.... you know how afraid of heights i am better than anyone here (except my mum & hubby)... xxoo
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Comments on this photo:

May 19 2008 05:25 GMT Carlimauda
Happy Birthday Gary! A new year full of love and happiness! X
May 19 2008 05:33 GMT sini
Happy Birthday Gary!:)
May 19 2008 06:16 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Lisa ... I thank you for adding another tribute for me... yes a year has passed already since ..wow, I did what anyone would do when they see someone in despair as you surely was back then, I am glad you listened and went forward for your family with encorougement from me and others alike, its has been heartwarming I will admit to see you walk slowly past Hell and then run so quickly too Heaven, well done for that.

I hope Keit sees this before it disappears into your gallery, its nice you add words for her here too. Lisa its my Birthday tomorrow and I have a very busy day today, but it is nice to start the day before knowing people remember you and care..
I thank the people who have commented in wishes here for me as well.
God Bless you and your HAPPY family... yes you did it Lisa, horrible times apart, but now they look at you and realise why it had to be, you managed, you turned things around and now they are surely *proud of you* as promised.
btw... for my birthday.... just the Hug you talk about here.. thats all I want.. cannot think of any better present for any year to be honest, think you and jeff should hug tomorrow on my behalf too.. I am glad you found eachother ... what a lovely ending ;-)

Thanks again lisa ... you are a very good friend here for sure
May 19 2008 06:21 GMT garynumber1cleaner
nearly forgot... sure Keit won't mind on this occassion (and jeff)
x x x ;-)
May 19 2008 06:33 GMT LisaSam67
hehe! and there won't be any disappearing act here.... i'm leaving this up for awhile just for you ;-) me not uploading is a miracle! hahahahahahaha
you really need not worry though.... she finds all kinds of things in my gallery! haha
especially the kenster blurs pmsl
x x x right back at ya sweety
I'll give Jeff a virtual hug as he is away for work.... he's on day 8 straight thru and not sure if he's working again this weekend or not... but if not i'll do exactly what i did this weekend.... drive straight to his side as it's the best place on earth when we are all together... he's like a HUGE MAGNET hahahahahahaha
May 19 2008 06:35 GMT garynumber1cleaner
lol .. funny you say about Magnet ... Keit would think this too .. she will know what i mean if she reads this ;-')
May 19 2008 06:36 GMT LisaSam67
ROFL! i think i've seen some mention of a magnet now that you say that
May 19 2008 06:46 GMT Elise
Happy birthday Gary.....

Sweet tribute Lisa
May 19 2008 06:54 GMT suzannesmash
Haaaappy HAPPY Birthday Gary, have a wonderful day
with all you wish for!!
May 19 2008 07:50 GMT gudmorning2u
Cool Gesture..:-))
forgot my Birthday LisaSam (8th)
May 19 2008 08:45 GMT Keitology
Yes I was here lol x lovely tribute Lisa, I will hug him to death for sure
(no, the birthday gift is not life insurance lol)
and as we say like *Mr Plumpty and Mrs Fridge*
Happy Birthday to my brave no1cherribulous :)
now I have to go prepare everything ;-))))
have a great week dear X
May 19 2008 09:11 GMT piskins72
Happy Birthday Gary, have a great day!!!
May 19 2008 12:04 GMT jceca PRO
happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

no need to wish him a great day, he will have it anyway ... keit and everything ... :-))
May 19 2008 14:44 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Happy Birthday Gary!
Nice one Lisa!
May 19 2008 14:45 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh and you are VERY brave Lisa:-))
May 19 2008 16:03 GMT martini957
May 19 2008 16:51 GMT kamilla
Happy Birthday Gary :)
May 19 2008 18:32 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Gary lots of us remember and care - have a wonderful Birthday!!
May 19 2008 18:34 GMT LisaSam67
yup.... you are my other knight in shining armour Bill!!!!!
May 19 2008 18:36 GMT Lensvision
Great tribute.
May 19 2008 18:44 GMT ButterflyWings
Happy birthady one more time!!!!
Sto lat Gary :)))))))))) and don't drink too much.

That's cool Lisa!
May 19 2008 19:50 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thanks suzanne ;-)
May 19 2008 19:51 GMT garynumber1cleaner
keit ... all i need is too see you, that will be the best present ever ;-)
May 19 2008 19:53 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thanks to all here... i am so busy as i go away in the morning... i have to answer so many on my gallery too... such lovely people here ... very touched
May 19 2008 20:18 GMT fawn
Happy Birthday Gary!!!
beautiful tribute !!!
May 19 2008 21:19 GMT Keitology
May 19 2008 21:31 GMT garynumber1cleaner
only hours seperate us now Keit :-) x x x
May 20 2008 00:47 GMT gtc126
Happy Birthday My Friend!!!!!
May 20 2008 05:08 GMT znacke
Happy birthday Gary :)
May 20 2008 18:07 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Happy Birthday Gary! Great tribute Lisa!
May 20 2008 20:47 GMT prdigy001
Happy Birthday Gary!! I havnt had the pleasure of getting to know you yet, But any friend of Lisa's is a friend of mine. I hope its a truely wonderful day for you!
May 30 2008 08:32 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thank you to everyone who commented here... it was a birthday and week i will remember for ever... thank you especially to Keit ... and you dear Lisa .
Touched by the kindness of true people