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These signs are everywhere in this mountain community and rightly so.

Prez Bush was in redding today

My friend got pics of Air Force One as it flew over her office near the airport. She said she wished she'd gotten a pic of her friend mooning the plane as it flew over but she didn't know why she was laughing so hard until it was too late and the moment had passed hahahahaha.

And a friend of Jeff's who showed us around the National Forest Headquarters last week just told us she got to shake the governator's hand as well as the prez's hand

I guess Bush took a 30 minute air tour of the fires during his 2 hour visit

My sarcastic side wonders what good that'll do... Perhaps he peed on some hotspots while overhead? ;-)

Well I know he has his reasons for visiting. Hope it helps some.

Smoke wasn't too bad when we got home today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Good nite my friends!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2008 04:26 GMT hans55 PRO
goodnight to you too !!
a good tribute !!!
Jul 18 2008 04:44 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
You betcha!!! they put their lives on the line 24/7
Jul 18 2008 05:14 GMT wolf2728
your friend sounds like her husban is funny! that would be a funny photo!
I seen on the news about these signs!
Hope that they can put it out!
Jul 18 2008 05:16 GMT Londi PRO
This is nice to see.

& had a good chuckle over the rest ;)
Jul 18 2008 10:55 GMT virginiabrill
Lol....President Bush just wanted to make sure it was real this time.....no more of that jumping into something half-assed I assume! =P (Refers to the ridiculous war that should have never started).
Jul 18 2008 11:44 GMT Keitology
first time i meet a person who has enough respect for bush to write his name starting from big letter lol :)
Jul 18 2008 13:16 GMT lizzieb
Good night hone - I love the sign. Your firefighters are wonderful people indeed.
Jul 18 2008 16:01 GMT ferchild
hi lisasam67 my name is matthew and i am a new member of fotothing and i think we could get on with each other very much
Jul 18 2008 16:36 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Lisa, the fence down in Anderson is covered in signs like this, too. I haven't driven around the county much to know what is in the areas that are closer to the fires. It's nice. Those guys worked hard and continue to work hard for us.
We are quite smoky this morning.
Jul 18 2008 17:23 GMT dougrun PRO
Firefighters deserve much more, good shot!!
Jul 18 2008 18:27 GMT Lensvision
They could have given the guy a hose, at least that way he does something useful.