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We fight.... we laugh..... we cry..... we do this as a family..... an FT family..........

The best part happens when we hug and make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 14:28 GMT hans55 PRO
dont loose your head my friend !!! :-))
Nov 07 2008 14:29 GMT LisaSam67
TOo late. I lso it long ago my frien rofl
Nov 07 2008 14:29 GMT sayalio
So vivid presentation!!! :-)
Nov 07 2008 14:30 GMT LisaSam67
Lost. Omg I can't even spell see! Hahahaha
Nov 07 2008 14:30 GMT bertel
This is great stuff though
Nov 07 2008 14:31 GMT LisaSam67
FrienD. Oh dear hahahahaha
Nov 07 2008 14:33 GMT malo
Nov 07 2008 14:59 GMT abojovna PRO
Nov 07 2008 15:10 GMT megmet PRO
It does that to me too, especially when we get the blame for what someone else started....and it happens all the time here!

Don't leave the forums Lisa....if you do the sad b*****ds have won and free speech has been shackled once again!
Nov 07 2008 15:22 GMT LisaSam67
It's more for my sanity than anything else. That and it's positively borrish in there lately.

The personal attacks make me feel like I am Nina's cat chasing my own tail lmao! You get no where and look foolish. So what's the point.
I might pop in once in awhile and read. But replies will be in PM's.
Nov 07 2008 19:05 GMT jenylew

Stay out of the forums, girl! I do, and life is just wonderful.

You...racist...thats the stupidest fecking thing I have ever heard!!!
Whoever called you that so very very painfully obviously has no idea who you are, and as far as I'm concerned thats a pretty horrid adjective to call anyone without at least a bit of fact behind it. Jesus!

Next time I see you in the forums I am gonna come down there and drag you out by your ear, young lady. Got it? xo ;-) xo
Nov 07 2008 19:08 GMT LisaSam67
Oh i'm done in there LMAO!!!!! I slipped once and asked Wildspirit a simple question and he just ignored it again and asked Eggy to delete his acct. here. I don't get it.
I thought this was land of the free. Guess it's Land of the Free (if you don't tell anyone you don't like their candidate) :(

Now i'm devil's spawn.... and it will be my fault that he's leaving and taking his precious photos with him
Nov 08 2008 17:13 GMT LizSA
oh wow... what is Forums,, I do not go there... only for the clever on computer guys...

I love the photo's and the humor ... some times I may comment something
not every one understand.... but then again... so many languages and people from around
the world and it is natural that we will not always understand all the humor....
I once said something on Megmet 's page about a spider... I know she did not like it,
but she did not blow my head off.... things like that just pass and we carry on...
I am happy for the FT friends we still have....!!