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Another oldie taken after first getting martini + wolf's fisheye lol. Straight off the camera!

Still miserable here today :-(
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 24 2008 18:37 GMT jceca PRO
love this !!
works great with movement
Sep 24 2008 18:45 GMT sini
Sep 24 2008 19:25 GMT Pondy PRO
I love the washed out effect
Sep 24 2008 19:31 GMT LisaSam67
thanks :-)
it was a total accident
the fisheye was 3 days old and it was the first time playing with it
the exposure is a bit weird
Sep 24 2008 19:37 GMT Pondy PRO
In camera accidents always look better than laboured over photoshopping to me.. the skill is learning how you did it and doing it again! :-)

Sep 24 2008 19:38 GMT bojtorjan
I like this one Lisa, looks really cool!
Sep 24 2008 19:52 GMT jomoud PRO
Neat work Lisa.
I have never ever worked with fisheye lens.
It seems to present very interesting possibilities:)
Sep 24 2008 19:57 GMT LisaSam67
exactly..... and I have yet to duplicate this haha
but then I haven't had time or opportunity to either
3 weeks to an offroading vacation at Sand Mountain in Nevada though
might be a good time to try some more
Sep 24 2008 20:08 GMT CarloDiMarcoberardino
Serendipity work, well done :-)
Sep 24 2008 22:12 GMT LisaSam67
she made it really clear she'd kill me if i posted them ever or showed them to anyone ever lol

Sep 24 2008 22:29 GMT PaP67
excellent work !
Sep 24 2008 23:46 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful image! I love the exposure.
Sep 25 2008 00:33 GMT LisaSam67
lol ya i know
but she comes here to keep up with our life lol
actually.... i think there is one wwwwaaaaaay back at the beginning that doesn't show her face so i figured i could get away with it haha
Sep 25 2008 00:35 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 25 2008 01:01 GMT lizzieb
Excellent Lisa, love it!!!
Sep 25 2008 02:36 GMT virginiabrill
Awesome!! Sometimes accidents are the best! (I was a first-date accident!!! I must be prime rib or something!) ;-))))
Sep 25 2008 02:41 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 25 2008 02:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I had a D300 in my hands Sat when I picked up the rental lens - I really didn't want to leave the store (without it!!!!)
Sep 25 2008 02:52 GMT LisaSam67
i bet!
Sep 25 2008 14:20 GMT hans55 PRO
get well soon !!!
Sep 25 2008 17:13 GMT virginiabrill
Bill...I know that feeling all to well....no matter what, without a doubt, every single last time we go to Springfield, we go to Best Buy and I hold the beloved D300 in my hands for at least 20 minutes....just playing with the buttons...and taking photos....*sigh*